Snapdeal Diwali Sale: A focused social media approach to win the e-commerce wars

When battle for attention is fierce, marketing initiatives need to be designed with tactical strategies executed across platforms. Snapdeal’s social marketing game for the Diwali sale sets an example for the same.

While all e-commerce websites were gearing up, Snapdeal decided to stay a step ahead by inaugurating the grand sale a day ahead of competitors. This wasn’t the only smart thing that Snapdeal did.

The #SnapdealElectronicsMonday sale was followed with an ambush, which started at midnight on 13th October.


To amplify the execution of the same, Snapdeal went beyond restraining advertising methods with its latest campaign depicting Amir Khan in a ‘shaayarana’ style. This was further extended to social with the perfectionist Khan informing the twitterati about the Diwali Sale between 13th and 17th October.

Focussed brand recall

All social media channels of Snapdeal communicated buzz and excitement around the sale with #CheckSnapdealToday.

The TOI ad added to the fun when Snapdeal came out with a brilliant advertisement that read “You don’t need a Billion offers to amaze you. You just need to snap the best ones. For the best offers this Diwali, shop only on Snapdeal.


In sync with #CheckSnapdealToday theme, the e-commerce giant further posted interesting content that added to the fun.


To keep the momentum going with innovation and fun, Snapdeal created engagement with contests. These contests not only keep users on their toes but also managed to give them the best deals in a novel manner, stirring away from the traditional hard sell technique.

Active targeting

In addition to creating content, Snapdeal actively engaged with audience while informing about the latest deals and addressing all the queries.

Facebook rated Snapdeal’s page as Very Responsive, re-addressing the organisations’ smooth social functioning.


It also managed to create a fun atmosphere by relevantly reaching out to the customers while its competitor, Flipkart’s servers were down.


Kunal bahl

This bought out consumers’ appreciation on seamless and un-interruptive services offered by Snapdeal.

A happy day

#CheckSnapdealToday received a monumental response, with consumers not only sharing their experiences but also lauding Snapdeal for their efforts and organised execution. Consumers time again and shared their appreciation over timely deliveries by Snapdeal.





Recently, a survey put Snapdeal ahead of all e-commerce players in terms of prices. A similar sentiment was reflected on social media. A lot of users who had purchased a day before had received the products and shared their experience on social media.


With another day to go, it’s safe to say that social media tenants can expect some significant gestures across social from Snapdeal.