Social Samosa Agency Feature – Contentory

Who are we?

We @ Contentory love creating wonderful content stories for brands to keep customers glued. We are a small group of marcom guys from startup city Pune, who love simplicity, and misuses simplicity drastically to bring out the most contextual and innovative marketing communication ideas for clients.

What’s in the name?

Content was king, and will stay king. All of the digital marketing channels are only mediums to deliver content to consumers, either wonderful engaging content piece or, a mediocre me-too one.Your content decides if consumers will contact you or will shift to your competitors. So content is going to be the key differentiator in upcoming years where your content style, tone and stories will set your brand apart from competition, and will become the major reason why consumers will accept your domain expertise. We call this, preferred content consumption, and it’s already here.

We at Contentory are reinventing how brands do contenting, by storifying the marketing communication. That’s why we call ourselves Contentory (Content + Story). Tan tanna..

What we do?

We are a digital marcom company, and we do design online marketing campaigns for brands for any of their designated purpose today. It may be generating leads, provoking conversations, increasing engagement, improving conversion rate, and improving traffic quality.

Social media campaigning
Online brand building & reputation management.
Viral videos & campaigning
Digital advertising, remarketing, and media buying (Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube ads etc.)
Online marketing campaign management (SEO, Blog, Affiliates etc.)
Website Conversion Funneling
Website Engagement Improving
Mobile strategy

Why we do it?

We at Contentory are influenced very much to change the way brands perceive & use digital marketing for talking to consumers.

Digital marketing is getting very boring, and areas like SEO is far from consumer trust, because brands are not sure of ROI, so it’s turning more blind investments. We at Contentory are using marcom campaigning practices over digital medium for brands to generate calculable, measurable & impactful connections between brands & consumers. We help brands build a stronger level of consumer engagement by building marketing communication stories that sounds relevant & of-importance to consumers.

How we evolve?

Inventing and reinventing the content ideas are part of the job in our industry. Since we design marketing communication for brands, and a large focus of that stays on ever-evolving consumer behavior, it’s important for us to keep an eye on holistic view of the entire social & economical structure where consumers live and take everyday decisions.

Timely brainstormings over what are the new market offerings & innovation in cross industries, or totally different industries impacting the consumer behavior, help us design the communication for upcoming needs, leisure or desire of a particular consumer segment at a particular time. Consumer communication is no different in online world than offline, except the mediums ad tools. So our entire ideation process still focuses sharply on one single point that is consumer attention.

Social responsibility in social media

Now that everything is so transparent and all concerned parties are exposed to all the information. How does one handle the social responsibility aspect from an agency point of view. CSR is different from charity, and today you can’t just run a traditional CSR campaign to appear in good-book of your targeted audience. CSR is now turning its face into fact, how you deal with consumer facie crisis.

To quote an example: Cab booking services like OLA and Meru faced huge trouble when some of the rape cases appeared by cab drivers. These are severe cases of customer assault, and companies needed to understand the dimensions of consumer concerns and consequences, and actually could have turned these harmful incidents into CSR opportunities.

One of my random thought says that by conducting mass moral classes for drivers for free (similar to the one Pt. Shri Shri Ravi Shankar suggested for Indian politicians), or, by offering free martial art classes to women and girls, these companies could have committed far relevant CSR efforts. These types of CSR activities appear more relevant, and make your brand appear more serious to make this world a better place to live and feel safe. Plus as a consumer, I feel safer under your umbrella. There couldn’t be any better consumer engagement then this.

Need of the hour

Social networking laws are not properly drafted yet. Things we consider that need to be taken care of from our experience. From perspective of selling side, it’s common for social media to be used heavily for marketing & commercial gains; however we must understand that there is no social media to use, without being social. So it’s very important for businesses to keep it in shape of a social park where consumers like to hang out with friends and family, and consumes information good for them.

Need of the hour is to become both facilitator and influencer, and to learn about their needs, interests and ever-changing habits. It’s going to both keep social media interesting for consumers, and will become a great source of consumer study, apart from promotions ad selling. AIB’s Net-Neutrality movement was a great way of connecting consumers together and re-highlight the value of staying social online.

We learned the hard way

People don’t laugh on order, they don’t cry on order, and they even don’t comment on order. People are smarter than marketers, because they raise questions. Our audience uses WHY much more number of times then we marketers do, so it’s more important for us, the social and digital agencies, to innovate within going-with-the-flow situation. We can’t design a campaign in vacuum, and hope for its success.

The consumer world has two sides. One which we see, and another one that consumers see. So without being consumers of our own campaign, products or services, we can’t work on holistic picture. So our experience says the best campaigns in history were started by a WHY? The value proposition plays an important role here in campaign designing as well, apart from product design.

Industry as we foresee

Overview on the Indian Social Media industry in the coming years. Fools are those believing social media is a tool to advertise. It’s a new type of TV where consumers react live. Social media is going to stay long, and the primary reason is because it is consumer controlled, beside of being consumer driven.

So your PR agency, hired for controlling the outgoing messages can now backfire where there are massive amount of views & theories being posted online about a given topic. This is the era of “as it is.” And consumers demand transparency.

The world past social media is going to be divided only in 2 parts.

1) Consumer service focused businesses, and

2) Rest of all others. And it’s no brainer to guestimate who’s gonna benefit most from it.

Also, when I say consumer service focused, it doesn’t only mean resolving customer queries. It also includes making customers happy by bringing in innovative and wonderful products that makes their life easier. For insance, if WhatsApp reduces your phone bill, that’s a wonderful customer service itself, and you don’t need a PR agency to spread that news. But if Airtel tries to make consumers pay more for accessing each individual website (Google for NET-NEUTRALITY ISSUE), you’re going to get your a** f*****.  And again, you don’t need a PR agency to spread that news. AIB Guys wild-fired that wonderfully. Imagine a bunch of comedians threatening multibillion conglomerates. That’s why social media is going to stay.

A day without Internet

What? Didn’t get you? Are you there? I guess net connection lost. Nooooooooooooooo… Nooooooo.. Keh Do Ki Ye Jhoot Hai …… Ayye Ayye Ayyeeeeeeeee…

Lastly, are you hiring?