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Oct 05, 2015 09:08 IST
New Update

Who are we?

We are a full-service digital agency with a global footprint, having a strong foothold in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.

Our story began in August, 2008, with a vision to connect brands with people and chase ideas without limits. Today, we're a committed group of 170 people, comprising of digital innovators, marketing visionaries and creative wizards. We are known for creating irresistible ideas that meld creative, planning, technology and data.

What's in the name?

We began with the promise that we would keep every client, close to our heart and consider all our projects equally precious. This ideology led to the coining of our name, “Isobar”. Isobar is an amalgamation of “equality” and “weightage”.

What we do?

Apart from specializing in fun, we are also known for:

  1. Crafting transformational strategiesfor business processes
  2. Developing, measuring and optimizingdigitally-focused campaigns
  3. Creating joyful experiences that are easy to use
  4. Designing and building flexible technology solutions
  5. Inventing ingenious digital products that generate new revenue streams

Why we do it?

It’s a potpourri of talent at our office. You’ll meet part-time musicians, home chefs and fitness addicts, and more, all working together towards a common goal – to add value to the ever-evolving digital space. And we do it, because it’s our passion. Our hunger for innovation, our love for everything digital and our thirst for recognition, is the reason why you’ll see us smiling even on Monday mornings!

How we evolve?

We know that to evolve and drive our business forward, we have to continuously enhance our skills. Being stagnant is not our style.

For us, innovation lies at the heart of every business, and to continuously push boundaries and deliver innovative work, we are a part of Isobar global innovation accelerator initiative, Nowlab.

Developed in collaboration with MIT Media Lab, Nowlab is a creative R&D initiative designed to help our teams embrace new technologies and concepts that can be converted into relevant client solutions. It also gives employees an interesting opportunity to learn, explore and collaborate.

We were thrilled when The Forrester Research, Inc., report, The Forrester Wave™: Innovation Agencies, Q4 2014, identified Isobar as one of the 10 most significant innovation agencies. According to this report, our worldwide reach makes us "a good partner for brands that need to scale digital experience development globally".

Social responsibility in social media

While we have the power to shape brands and carve their online personalities, this power doesn’t come alone. In this super transparent world of Social Media, being socially responsible is one of the keys to success. To make sure this game breaker is always on our side, there are certain ground rules we swear by:

  • Do not violate copyrights
  • Be transparent and approachable
  • Respect user privacy
  • Honour sentiments

Need of the hour

Social Media is a more relaxed environment. Here, it’s not about promoting brands and what they do. It’s more about why brands do what they do. That’s what should be kept in mind, if a brand wants to break the clutter and stand out.

We make it a point to always listen to our audience. That’s the first step. You listen, you understand the audience better, which then helps you to create relevant content.

We learned the hard way

From a group of 4 to a group of 170 people spread across four cities, we’ve learnt a lot in the past seven years. We experienced the good, the bad and the ugly. The biggest lesson that we’ve learnt is – don’t take it personally.

We’re a motivated bunch, so, when it’s a bad day, there’s always someone to turn to, who encourages you, who helps cease the fire.

They work with us

2014-15 has been a phenomenal time for us. We’ve won some fantastic accounts lately and now service 150+ brands. Our prestigious client roster includes:

Philips India, GM India, Microsoft India, Digital India, Toshiba, Canon, Amanté, HDFC ERGO, Wrangler, JK Tyres, IndiaFirst Life Insurance, KDD, World Vision, Myntra, Estée Lauder, Barbeque Nation, Bose India, MasterCard India, Kellogg’s India, British Airways India, Sterling Holidays, TimesofMoney, Air Asia and many more

Industry as we foresee

With the ever-changing algorithms, brands will have to constantly innovate, use advocacy and smart media buying to really harness the power of social media.The Indian Social Media industry has evolved so much. The volume of content on social media is immense and it’ll just keep increasing. In the coming years, in fact, starting now, brands and agencies will have to leverage technology to ensure that the content reaches the relevant audience and doesn’t get lost in the crowd.

A day without Internet

For us, a day without internet will be quite fantastic actually. We’ll switch of our systems. Order some good food. Get everyone together and have random discussions. We believe that’s how some of the best ideas in the world are born!

Lastly, are you hiring?


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