5 takeaways from Mark Zuckerberg’s Townhall Q & A

Mark Zuckerberg

While media all around is getting crazy about Mark’s visit to India and people are falling in bushes to click his pictures, we found some really interesting points from his answers at the Townhall Q & A session at IIT Delhi.

Why India?

A question we all have at least in some cozy corner of our mind- why is Facebook showing so much of interest in India? Zuckerberg said that there are 130 million Facebook users in India and it houses one of the largest Facebook communities in the world. He sees potential and opportunity in India and wants to create connectivity to bring even that last one billion Indians to internet.

Connecting billions

Facebook is trying hard to connect the 4 billion people in the world who don’t have access to internet. Zuckerberg happily announced that now 15 million people in 24 countries have access to internet because of the efforts they have put in internet.org. He also spoke about how there was an increase of 13% in graduation rate in New York, New Jersey because of one of their projects.

Lawful execution

Zuckerberg explained why internet.org is important since all services over the internet can’t be free. A lot of money is involved in creating enough infrastructure for that to happen. But, if some basic services are provided for free, people will come to know about the importance of internet and will eventually pay for all services. He stressed on the point that they strongly believe in Net Neutrality, have also lobbied for it and think of it as their moral responsibility.

Starts and startups

Zuckerberg shared his experience of creation of Facebook and talked how all big companies start similar.

He says it is important to have the aim of creating what’s important to them and the community and not of creating a company.

All good that can be done; should be done. He also mentioned how more number of co-founders help in gaining of more success because then its team work and they can provide resilience to each other.


Zuckerberg proudly spoke about how Facebook is a community of one and a half billion people; how they are working hard to bring more people not just on Facebook but also on Internet. He also mentioned Solar Power Planes and Satellites which can “beam down” connectivity and help in providing internet.

It was a humorous, entertaining and informative Townhall Q&A session. Thank you, Mark! We hope you will visit India soon again.