#UnFrustrate: Reliance General Insurance commutes with real time marketing

Frustrated Driver

20th October 2015, a day when Reliance General Insurance took up the job to #UnFrustrate all commuters across India in an interesting and humorous way.

Brand: Reliance General Insurance

Agency: Ogilvy One Worldwide


The objective of the Campaign was to listen to the commuters venting out their frustration with #UnFrustrate hashtag and assuage their problems by entertaining them.

#UnFrustrate Tweet


They incorporated a number of brilliant strategies in their plan to accomplish their objective.

Reliance General Insurance created pre buzz by circulating various Facebook and Google+ teasers featuring Neville Shah. Also, they partnered with Flipkart and promised Rs. 2000 vouchers for the winners.


#UnFrustrate Prizes


Users who were stuck in bad traffic jams were asked to tweet with #UnFrustrate, giving them an opportunity to face traffic woes with fun.

#UnFrustrate Video Reply


Reliance General Insurance was very active in responding to the tweets with either text tweets or humorous videos by Neville Shah. The responses were very entertaining and relevant.

#UnFrustrate Tweet Reply


The campaign was a successful one with impressive statistics.

542 users went to the @RelianceGenIn because of the Hashtag. Total 4035 tweets were generated with a reach of 21,19,762.23371735 impression. #UnFrustrate was trending in various cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Pune, Delhi, Kolkata and also in India.

#UnFrustrate Trending in India

#UnFrustrate was a very generic term which was a plus point for the brand since a number of other brands like MobiKwik, Dunkin Doughnuts and Wealthy.in also tweeted using the hashtag relating it to their brands.

#UnFrustrate Tweet Reply

Targeting commuters worked out well for Reliance General Insurance, giving them an opportunity to go beyond the virtual limitations of Twitter.