8 not so sweet social gifts for this Diwali

Saloni Surti
New Update
It’s that time of the year again. It is Diwali – festival of lights, warmth and good winning over bad. At least now, at least this Diwali – do it! Accept it! We all are guilty of this sin and it’s high time we rectify it.

As hard as it is to say it out loud – we have been recycling the same gifts for years now. Aunt gave it to you, you gave it to your cousin, cousin gave it to her aunt and now it’s back with you. And as we all move towards a better tomorrow, let’s get done with fake smiles and useless gifts.

When everything is on social media, why do gifts need be banal and perpetually offline. Think about it! Try these gifts instead, maybe...

Candy crush lives

That frustrating moment when you need Candy Crush lives to reach the next level and have none! Change lives this Diwali – gift Candy Crush lives to the needy.


If you’re on the other end and send requests for lives – spare the friends and family who don’t play the game. That makes a chatpatta gift too.

Click a DP for them

We no longer click images – we click DPs; and for that perfect DP we can go to great lengths. Such is life! Go to your friends’ or relatives’ house this Diwali and click a spot on the picture for them.



They are bound to thank you mentally every time they get a new like.

Un-tag them from their ugly pictures



There are good pictures and bad pictures and we often look really bad in others’ good pictures. If you have tagged a special one on their bad day in your awesome picture, give them this special gift. Spare them some embarrassing virtual moments.

Make them a Diwali meme



Still stuck on text messages? Create some chatpatta meme – email it to them. When they post the meme and it goes viral, you my friend have gifted them true happiness.

Unlike and then re-like one of their hit pictures to get them back on everyone’s timeline



It’s the best way to get more people’s attention your friends’ or relatives’ awesome moments. Everyone enjoys footage and what can be better for a Diwali gift!

Endorse them on LinkedIn



A true gift that will stay with them for life. LinkedIn endorsements form a very integral part of the professional score – wouldn’t you appreciate one?

Create a cheesy Snapchat story



Thank them in it, pass a lot of love, say some extremely dramatic things – Snapchat is the best way to go all traditional virtually. Plus, they could always flaunt such a quirky wish amongst their other friends.

Tag them on their favourites on Instagram



So much content, so little time! If your uncle is foodie tag him on all awesome food accounts; for your fashionista cousin curate a list of all fashion influencers and tag her there. Yes, they will bless you for it!

If this isn’t inspiration enough, try Kukure’s chatpatta #WhySoSweet greetings. These quirky greetings make festivities what they truly are meant to be – fun and real.

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