Xpress Money went #BeyondBorders redefining RoI through social media

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Xpress Money went #BeyondBorders redefining RoI through social media
Indians and Pakistanis together form a sizable potion of Xpress Money's customer base. Keeping in mind the harmony that citizens of both the nationalities share, when away from home, the international money transfer brand coined, #BeyondBorders.

Brand name

Xpress Money


Main objective of the campaign was to India and Pakistan  during the month of August (Independence  Day Month) by a minimum of 5% compared  to 2014.

They also aimed at engaging with their followers on  Youtube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn while creating a positive chatter around the brand with #BeyondBorders.


The idea of the campaign was to highlight things that unite India and Pakistan - be it sports, music food.

In Phase I of the campaign Xpress Money launched a video on social media platforms where people settled in UAE spoke about the respect, sense of harmony and mutual appreciation that is shared between these two nationalities.

A program of dance, music and games was held in the labor camps in Dubai that had prizes up for grabs, one among them were free tickets to the screening of the movie ‘Bajraanji Bhaijaan’

Phase II of this campaign held a talk show named ‘Cricket and Beyond’ which got two cricket legends under one roof - Sachin Tendulkar and Wasim Akram, who shared their experiences on and off field.

It was competition that leveraged upon sponsorship that encouraged participation from cricket fans from both the countries.

And a Twitter contest was executed between September, 30 and October 7 which was supported by Facebook as well.

The contest encouraged users to share what borders they would cross to to meet their favourite cricket star. Results Business digits soared during Phase I of the campaign as remittances from UAE to India and Pakistan soared up by a collective 7% , whereas, global remittances went up by 9% in August 2015. The video was well appreciated and garnered 172, 683 Facebook views and 43, 276 views on YouTube. 1599 people liked the view, and it was shared by 269 of them. 34 engaged actively with the content by way of comments and the links on the video were clicked 87,792 times.  

  Xpress Money added 203 new fan on Facebook in 7 days. Phase II saw a total of 2,146 mentions  and 711 re-tweets and the brand added 178 new followers on Twitter.

Case study Beyond borders by Xpress Money.


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