Brands collaborating and being 'friends' on Twitter

Sukaina Meghani
Nov 04, 2015 10:05 IST
Brands competing with each other is old news, the latest wind blows making brands come together on social media platforms, promoting each other.

The social media presence of brands have transferred from sharing tips and techniques to funny one-liners and trying to be better than their competition and finally collaborating with each other to do good.

‘Exclusive’ friends

It seemed that Samsung’s Galaxy on5 will probably be exclusively available on Flipkart after both the brands conversed on Twitter.

The crisp holi party

Remember when Sony, Docomo, Godrej and Bingo got together and had a little brittle chat?

Budding love on Twitter

Snapdeal and Freecharge declared their love on the micro-blogging site and sealed their #DilKiDeal

Filling the unwanted ‘Gap’

When Gap wanted to make its online presence obvious, it turned to Twitter

To toasts and snacks

Zomato and Miller got in a conversation and raised toasts during the ‘dinner’ time

It seems as a good way to create buzz around certain kind of deals and facts, only and only till they don't over do it.

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