Citibank’s #WhatsOnYourPlate stirs social media with great social content

Mobile and food

Be it a luxury or hobby, there lives a foodie in each one of us. Building on the consumer & cultural insight of interesting food conversation being the new “cool”, Citibank India launched #WhatsOnYourPlate. The socially end to end integrated campaign leverages content marketing beautifully.

Twitter Coffee

Taking the concept of user generated content to the next level with its social first approach; Citibank invited its users to suggest their favourite eateries from Delhi and Mumbai through Facebook and Twitter. With Maria Goretti representing Mumbai and Kunal Vijaykar, Delhi – users were given a chance to engage with the influencers.

Further CitiBank, initiated an activity with the Zomato influencers, who were bestowed with the opportunity to dine out with Maria and Kunal.

Winning entries had the opportunity to embark on a food adventure with their idols to the places suggested by them. A culinary journey Through the campaign, Citi Bank aimed at associating itself with premium dining. The reach of #WhatsOnYourPlate was amplified through a delicious push across social channels. Citi Bank is among the first few brands in India to leverage cinema graphs for a story telling format.The BFSI brand further enhanced its reach by executing three influencer partnerships. Videos featuring Kunal and Maria upped the celebrity quotient which in turn created organic reach. Citi created right engagement in the relevant TG with an influencer network of 200+ for Twitter promotions. They also organised Citi India’s first foodie Zomato Meet. #WhatsOnYourPlate was kick started with a fun video chronicling Vijaykar and Goretti’s fun banter. The humour quotient added to the flavour of the experience, Citibank planned to create. Giving it an apt conclusion, the activity was concluded with a mashup video summarising the culinary journey. The video web series achieved almost 1.66 MM views. Citi Bank also curated content on the Zomato App under the premium inventory- collections. Gastronomic results The contest ran on Twitter for 3 days and was mentioned 16,220 times on the platform with an engagement rate of 7.3 per cent. After watching this video you surely gonna say “Moo mey paani aa gya” Must wathc. #WhatsOnYourPlate — M.A.K (@BangaliBaba_) October 28, 2015

#WhatsOnYourPlate received 36,296,615 impressions on day 1; 61,540,529 and 80,490,163 impressions on day 2 and 3 respectively. The YouTube video garnered 24,242,537 views.

The food trail winners were taken to the restaurant with Maria and Kunal in Mumbai/ Delhi (images attached) and Maria and Kunal also showed each other how amazing the food is in Mumbai/Delhi.

Hyper-local personalization marks Citi as the pioneer amongst BFSI brands across social media. Real-time hyper-local personalization at dining hotspots with mobile first-page design empowered Citi to target precise TG. Trigger based Facebook post further leveraged custom audience.

The integrated campaign by Citi Bank leveraged the entire spectrum of content marketing.Long video content format also ensures longer shelf life for Citi’s food oriented content. #WhatsOnYourPlate defines strategic content marketing for brand recall.


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