[Infographic] A snapshot of Facebook's festive data

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Nov 16, 2015 13:28 IST
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[Infographic] A snapshot of Facebook's festive data
Traditionally, Diwali is a festival of lights, but on Facebook, it’s a festival of shares, comments and likes. 

During this end-of-year festival, there has been a 1.07x increase in the sharing of video, photo and text posts by youth between the ages 18-24 and 1.09x increase for millennials who are between the ages 18-34.

Facebook is now like the new greeting card. Timelines are flooded with personalized festive greetings.

Diwali has always been incomplete without pictures. With Facebook, it is easier to share those captured memories with the near and dear ones, as well as with the world. There is a 1.44x increase in photo sharing and 2.76x increase in video sharing during Diwali than other days.

On the other hand 3.46x more posts, photos and videos are uploaded on Facebook using mobile than desktop.

It turns out that Diwali is also a season of international travel. More and more people are using check-ins to tell the world about their travel this festive season.

This infographic by Facebook delves deeper into social media trends during festivities.

Diwali Insights2015_Infographic

Diwali has transformed over the years, but the most pleasantly drastic is the change brought in the social media world because of this festival.

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