Instagram’s new video channel a threat to Snapchat’s Live Stories?

Instagram has launched a new feature through which the best videos related to a theme will be displayed through a curated channel; the feature is similar to Twitter moments or Snapchat Live Stories.

This Halloween, Instagram has brought some good news for its users.  Instagram has launched a new channel where users will be able to view the curated videos related to a theme. The first video which introduced the feature was about Halloween. The videos were curated by the editorial team at Instagram.

This feature is similar to that of Twitter Moments and Snapchat Live stories. But, Instagram’s feature will work more like an archive of these events since all users can send in videos (in this case) with the hashtag #IGHalloween for it to be a part of the Best Videos Channel.

The videos will be displayed without the like button or descriptions and comments. The will auto-play one after the other and users can skip through the videos they don’t like. Also, the profile link of the creator will be displayed and the users can tap it to visit it.

Snapchat has used its Channel feature for advertising, the latest being the promotion of the new Bond movie- Spectre. So, it might be safe to predict that Instagram’s new feature is a golden egg for advertisers and it has a very high chance of hatching soon.

This feature however, is available only in US at the moment. Also, maximumduration of the videos is yet to be known.