Snapchat Lenses are free no more


Snapchat has introduced Lens store where 30 filters will be available at $0.99 each, with new features coming in every day. Once bought, the users can use the lenses for an unlimited period.

The app with a 100 million daily users is now starting to monetize one of its most liked features- Lenses. They are animated filters for selfies.

After its launch in September, the feature was being used in 10 million snaps each day.  Although, the users will have access to the usual seven free filters, the paid filters will include the old favorites like vomiting rainbows and some brand new filters which have not been used before.

The features is currently available only in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and some other European countries. Snapchat plans to roll out the feature in other countries soon.

Snapchat is known for adding new features to the app on a regular basis. The new features of slowing down and fast forwarding the videos on Snapchat have been quite liked by the users.

Recently, Snapchat added the paid feature of replaying 3 snaps per day at $0.99. Now, it is expanding its paid feature list, and the response is not very positive.

While some people supported Snapchat for their move.  

However, the most interesting part was that, Snapchat retweeted all tweets irrespective of hate or love.

Snapchat is on its way to make people pay for their selfies. But, are the users ready?