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How did the idea of starting a Digital Marketing Learning Place come to you?

The idea for FutureMarketer started with a question by our Founder and CEO, Taru Jain’s daughter several years ago: “Daddy, are babies downloaded from the Internet?” That innocent question got him thinking. There are so many misconceptions around technology and digital - and unlike children, business leaders and executives do not have access to these answers in a simple, helpful and applicable way. This is holding them back.

That sowed the seeds of FutureMarketer. After a successful corporate career of nearly 20 years, Taru wanted to give back and help these executives become more future-ready, especially in terms of digital marketing and transformation.

He partnered with Rachit and Prantik of Happy Marketer, who were doing excellent digital training for marketing practitioners, to create FutureMarketer.

According to you, how important is it for a person to take this course?

Social Media marketing is a critical area of learning, especially if you want to become future-ready and can relate to any of the following questions:

  • Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your social media initiatives?
  • Do you find it challenging to keep up-to-date with the current and emerging social media platforms?
  • Are you afraid you’re going to get left behind?

Well, you’re not alone. According to Forrester, only 15% of business executives believe they have the confidence to execute their digital strategies. We want to change that. That’s why we offer digital marketing learning programmes to help you become more digitally savvy and ‘win’ in the world shaped by digital innovation.

The time is absolutely right for you to capitalise on digital opportunities. But to truly understand how your business will benefit from social media, it’s helpful to look towards organisations who have been successful in this space. Unfortunately, there are so few Asian examples and case studies available for those who want to dramatically increase their social media engagement or multiply their fan base. Since weare marketing practitioners ourselves, we will help you enhance your social media knowledge by providing simple tips and insights from the region’s best digital firms.

­­What is the course curriculum?

We believe the backbone of an effective social media course curriculum is a “brand story”. Stories are the most affecting way of making messages and information memorable because each story taps on a very unique “emotion”.

Through our Social Media course and proprietary A to E approach, we will help you discover your brand story and how to convey that tale through innovative content, campaigns, contests and more across all relevant social media platforms. It is as simple as A to E!

Can you brief us on the Faculty profile?

Our faculty members have trained more than 15,000 executives in over 35 countries. One of our digital experts is Prantik Mazumdar.

Prantik Mazumdar, Master of all things “Social”

For more than 10 years, Prantik has trained and advised more than 500 enterprises in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region on devising social strategies for their marketing, sales and customer service functions. This includes regional brands such as Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf and Standard Chartered Bank.

Can you share some testimonials?

We are fortunate that 95% of our clients would recommend us to their partners. The following are some testimonials from our valued clients:

“Enlightening, practical and an eye-opener on the potential of digital in our business!” - Head of Marketing & Category, Starbucks

“They were able to truly deliver new insights to our senior leadership team on how they should be thinking strategically about digital marketing in our business.” - Director of Digital Strategy & Platforms at Johnson & Johnson

“Highly skilled and experienced digital marketing strategist who has the ability to impart his knowledge in a logical, relevant and simple manner.” - Head of Marketing at MasterCard    

Can you share a successful brand case study?

We have been fortunate to partner with a Fortune 500 financial services firm, who wanted to lead the industry in driving business through social media.

Their goal was to drive incremental transactions for partners while ensuring their brand was top of mind for consumers.

Our approach

To help them achieve this goal, we trained their Asia Pacific(APAC) leadership team on the possibilities of social media and how it can be linked to business.We also systematically trained the company’s marketing leaders and shared details on how to hire the right social talent, pick the right social technologies and calculate the ROI from their social media investments.

Next, we trained our client and agency partners together to align them and help them develop detailed processes and operating procedures for driving business through social media. We continue to train the client’s regional and in-country teams in their key markets on new developments in the social media space to help them consistently stay ahead of the curve. Lastly, we helped the client package this learning and worked with them to run a global workshop where other markets could learn from the APAC team’s experience and so they could replicate the same model in their markets.

The results

  1. After reviewing successful case studies, the company’s digital investment increased dramatically over time, and a portion of the budget for traditional media is now allocated to social and digital channels.
  2. Multiple in-country teams in the region have adopted the same model to launch the most successful marketing campaigns in the company 's history.
  3. Our client has received several innovation, and best practices awards from leading industry institutions.
  4. Key social platforms such asFacebook have requested our client as an innovation partner.

Who should join the course - students, business owners, brand managers?

Business leaders and marketing practitioners who want to become future-ready should join our Social Media course.You’ll learn how to increase your social media fan base and engagement, as well as maximise your chances of meeting your KPIs through the audience engagement, content creation and distribution strategies covered in the course.

What platforms do you cover?

Our Social Media course covers all prevalent social platforms. Depending on the markets we are training in, these could cover Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Vine, as well as emerging networks such as WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE.

By understanding how to use today and tomorrow’s most popular social media platforms, you’ll be able to maximise your chances of meeting your KPIs.

How often are the workshops / course held?

We conduct Social Media courses every quarter and more frequently for our corporate clients. This will continue in 2016.

What is the duration of the Course?

Our Social Media courses generally consist of two days of ‘classroom’ training, followed by several weeks of online coaching from our digital experts. We are continually designing shorter duration courses, for example, ‘power sessions’ for a couple hours during lunchtime or after work. Whether you want to digitally transform your business or excel at marketing in a digital age, we’ll work with you to select a programme that fits your schedule and business challenges.

Do you have different courses for different platforms? Can you shed some light on it?

We offer a range ofSocial Media courses for different platforms depending on our client’s business challenges.

What are the eligibility criteria?

All business leaders and marketing practitioners are eligible to join our courses.

Regarding the Social Media course, those  who have already begun their social media initiatives will see the biggest gains from our practical, hands-on course.

Type of Courses - Individual, group, corporate?

We offer individual, group and corporate courses for Leaders who want to transform their business through digital, as well as courses for Practitioners who want to take their digital marketing skills to the next level.

Are there different courses for beginners and advanced users?

Our digital marketing courses are designed for both business leaders and marketing practitioners at all levels, who want to become more digitally savvy and ‘win’ in a world shaped by digital innovation.

Where are the Courses held?

While our courses are held around the world, we focus on five key markets: Singapore, India, Indonesia, UAE and Kuwait. However, we regularly conduct courses in Europe and North America.

How much does the Course cost for: a) Individuals and b) Corporates?

The investment for our Social Media course is S$1,000 for individuals. We offer customised versions of this course for corporate trainings.

Do you help with internships/jobs?

We are currently growing with our clients and quickly expanding into new and unchartered territories. That’s why we are looking for passionate professionals in Singapore, India, Indonesia and the Middle East to support our growing practice.

Here are some of our available roles:

Does the quote “go to bed smarter than when you woke up” resonate with you? That’s the way we like to live our work life too! So if you are keen to join our team, please drop us a line at or view our current opportunities.

Contact details

To find out how we will help you achieve your digital marketing goals, please drop us a line at

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