Snapchat trying to take on Facebook's Instant Articles?

Sukaina Meghani
New Update
Snapchat takes a step further with their latest addition of making their Discover channels’ content shareable on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

From disappearing selfie/chat app to an easy magazine read, Snapchat has constantly been evolving their USP with the aim to get more users on the app.

Big media channels like, Cosmo, CNN, Vox, BuzzFeed, National Geographic, Mashable and many others have partnered with Snapchat for showcasing their content in a visually appealing way and reaching out to more people.

“We are launching Snapcode deep-linking for Discover Channels, creating another way for partners to publicize their great content,” said, Snapchat in a statement.

These media partners run their channels on the app by posting daily editions that are filled with videos, animations, charts, articles and pictures.

For a long time, these publishers weren’t allowed to share the content anywhere else but now, the disappearing messaging app has unlocked the treasure and expanded their kingdom by letting the publishers share the links on third-party platforms.

Integrating social media, a boost in traffic is eminent for the app as well as for the Discover Channels. The users on social media will be able to share the posts on their social media accounts. The features of liking and commenting which are not available on Snapchat will now be seen on Facebook and Twitter.

The feature will help the publishers get insights from the posts shared on social media as an indicator of how much engagement was generated.

With the new feature, Snapchat is strengthening its content dissemination mechanism. It could also be viewed as the app's way of competing with Facebook's Instant Articles or LinkedIn Pulse.

Nevertheless, only time will tell, if this new feature will add value for Snapchatters, be it brands or users.

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