#BeHerVoice fights violence against women through social media

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#BeHerVoice fights violence against women through social media
On International Day for Elimination of Violence against Women on November 25, Kering Foundation’s annual White Ribbon campaign collaborated with British designer Stella McCartney.

This is the fourth successive year where the male-led campaign is enduring its battle for women against violence.

Consistently putting efforts to bring a stop to violence against women, Kering Foundation initiated The White Ribbon campaign.

“It is a shocking figure that 1 in 3 women in the world are beaten, raped or abused in their life time. Statically this means we are surrounded by victims of this abuse,” was quoted by François-Henri Pinault, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Kering in a video posted to launch the campaign .

“Violence against women is a universal issue and that affects us all, regardless of social class, culture or nationality," he further added.

White Ribbon Campaign is a universal movement by the male gender working towards knocking down violence against women. This campaign was formed by a pro-feminist group of men in 1991. A social effort now backed up by #BeHerVoice, is used to drive awareness on social media for Kering’s Foundation cause.


Ribbon for a cause

Narrated by François-Henri Pinault, the video highlighted facts about the social scenario against women abuse and their motive to eliminate it.

To grab some attention towards the campaign, Kering clubbed with designer McCartney who had designed limited-edition brooches for the cause, which were distributed in over 41 countries and 800 Kering owned boutiques.

To highlight the campaigns visibility, McCartney took up Instagram to post pictures of fashionistas with the brooch from November 7 to November 28 which was picked up very fast by Instagram users to promote the cause.

Producing close to 125,000 brooches, Kerings Foundation’s message was far reaching and created enough buzz in the social media.

Twitter users in the past week used #BeHerVoice for over 1000 times, while Instagram users posted pictures posing with the badges and used the hashtag almost 2000 times.

Celebrities like Johnny Depp, Drew Barrymore and Paul McCartney have taken to social media to support the cause by posting their photos with the White Ribbon limited-edition badge.

With the aim of reaching a larger audience with a greater impact, Kering Foundation focuses on domestic violence in Asia, America and Western Europe. In the process, the team closely works with counseling centers for women across these areas. Not only this, but has also offered grants valuing 30,000 Euros to ‘We End Violence’ an anti-violence organisation in the United States and ‘Starfish Project’ in China which is a jewelry business solely operate by women.


The campaign was designed to widen awareness about violence toward women by getting consumers to spread the word as records suggest a disheartening number of 200 million women, missing, they have either being killed or died through neglect or ill-treatment.

Kering Foundation clearly aimed at reaching a larger demographic instead of limiting themselves to a particular community or region which gained international support.

Designing limited-edition brooches put some spotlight on the campaign, as involvement of a celebrity in a campaign works most of the times.

Those brooches caught up to become the symbol for #BeHerVoice where people posed with them on social networking sites to get the hashtag trending on various platforms.

Though the campaign was appreciated by masses, the execution of the video launched lacked hard hitting content and vibrancy. It lacked the presence or creativity or essence of drama which usually helps in a campaign of this sort.

Overall, the campaign got fame on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on also was victorious in putting across its message.



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