Culture Machine gets Blush’s Alisha on Social Media


Ever thought of Nancy Drew as a Fashionista or Marilyn Monroe as an investigator? Two different personalities in different fields, but, Alisha is blessed with the best of both worlds. 

After launching their first web series – Alisha, Culture Machine didn’t really have to go around announcing it, as the sassy webisodes spoke for themselves – loud and clear.

It revolves around the life of a fashionista who has an eye for detail and is interested in solving mysteries. With her skills and looks always prim, proper and perfect she is not an ordinary girl but adventurous and perky.

Reminding us of Elle from legally blonde, Alisha is all set to conquer the world of conundrums and puzzles on the lifestyle channel, Blush.

Season 1 of the series will have 10 episodes shot in smooth and fast-paced narratives. The episodes are simmered with nostalgia, adventurous occurrences and hilarious inner voice of an urban girl next door.

Almost halfway through the first season, this new way of marketing a TV series seems to have worked well.

After releasing a teaser for each episode on YouTube, Alisha was also seen making rounds on Facebook and Twitter, solving crimes and riddles fashionably.

Through the social media activity, Culture Machine managed to bring Alisha live on Twitter, highlighting the little things that define her character.

With more than 4L views on the first episode and increasing curiosity with each episode, Alisha’s 4th episode has fashion, mystery, growing heat and an intriguing climax brought together in the form of a saucy reality television chapter.

The Hotsvilla episode will take you through what happens behind the scenes of a reality show and how Alisha, our Sherlock helps in revealing the person responsible for a missing contestant on the sets.

After stepping in the second phase of the series, the drama and action just got bigger, better and entertaining. You can follow #AlishasWebSeries’ moves on her Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

With web-series gaining popularity in India, Culture Machine’s Blush could prove to be the first successful step towards a flourishing channel with original content.