Ranked among top 50 digital properties in India, Sulekha is India’s largest & fastest growing digital platform providing local services in 800+ categories to more than 2 mn users every month.It’s also one of the oldest and experienced companies in digital space and they’re looking to reinvent their image to appeal to the millenials with their new digital agency- Flying Cursor.

They hope to leverage on their experience and ubiquity, being present in almost every city in India connecting millions of users with the best service providers, from home services to detective services and website building to finding your next maths teacher.

With their revamped website and mobile app, they, along with Flying Cursor, hope to take the services industry by storm with a brand makeover.

Speaking about Sulekha, Soumendu Ganguly, Head of Marketing says, “Today online is the primary medium of content consumption in India. This is where millennials are and it is imperative that we reach them on digital using a language they speak and are comfortable with. In Flying Cursor, we have found a partner who understands this media and is uniquely capable of delivering content that would help me become a brand people love to talk about and in the process make me the home screen app for services in the country.”

Parag Gandhi, Director at Flying Cursor says, “It’s really exciting to see Sulekha’s enthusiasm to adapt with the times and appeal to the huge audience in this segment. There are a lot of possibilities and exciting things we can do, and we’re really looking forward to reconnect the brand with the audience in a fun way, and set the tone for its communication.”

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