Want to be an Influencer? This could help..

With growing social media users, every individual with a Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profile consider themselves as influencers. Sadly so, that’s not the case. Influencing is a blend of knowledge, passion and social reach.

If you really want to be on the frontline of influencing here are must follow unsaid rules that will help you achieve what you desire.

Although it’ll take some time to reach the top but if these pointers are followed religiously, they may prove to be beneficial for your influencing game and also increase your credibility.

Be available

Keeping notifications on for your social platforms and harnessing social power will always keep you updated about what is happening around. An easier way to make yourself available is by keeping your contact details discoverable so that others may reach you sooner.

Commitment and consistency

If you aim at becoming an influencer, you must commit yourself to being consistent in order to keep your interactions regular and build more connections.

Get your facts right

Understand and know what you are talking about before posting it. Once the post goes live it there is no looking back. To make your followers believe in you as an influencer, they need to look up to you as a resource therefore, data shared shouldn’t be inaccurate.

Know your basics

Once you’ve selected your niche, be thorough with the basics and techniques. This will help in maintaining a high standard principle and will assure your audience about your immense knowledge in the subject. It will also help in letting your followers know how valuable your social media profiles are.

Share valuable content

If you come across a content piece that worked for you and may help your followers, never hesitate to share it. Getting your audience’s attention may help you build alliances with other influencers, thereby increasing your reach.

Be a part of trending Twitter chats

Twitter chats are great opportunities to build new connections organically. Influencing the influencers on social media will do wonders for your networking and will guide you in being a better influencer.

Replying to followers

It is important to listen more to what your followers think about you. Instead of shutting them up with a sarcastic comeback, you can always be kind with words. Authority, reputation, credibility and effectiveness are all interconnected and you don’t want to mess with either of them.

Influencing is a responsibility in itself and if you wish to pride yourself for fulfilling it, start working towards now. Get inspiration from Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards’ participants. To hear the glorious tales of our shortlisted entries, stay tuned.