Motorola masters brand voice on social with Moto 360 2nd Generation

Cell phones are a way of life, a smartwatch makes that life worth it. Moto 360 2nd Generation, streamlines mobile life by delivering the information that matters, giving more time to do things one loves.

The recent smartwatch by Motorola is stringed around the idea of making mobile life easier for men and women. In addition to exquisite features such as fitness tracker, classic round design, exclusive dials for men and women,  Moto 360 2nd Generation proffers a new art form – Cinemagraphs.

A photographer’s dream, Cinemagraph posses a motion effect, keeping the most important element of the image moving while everything else is still. A Cinemagraph, offers all the 5 essences of storytelling.


Moto 360 2nd Generation is crafted with precision and style to meet the needs of a modern day achiever. #Motographs360 only adds value to an existing package.

When Motographs got social…

The technology giant has been promoting the Cinemagraph feature on social media through a Cinemagraph shoot. Images in the shoot depicted insightful images of photographs, with one moving element.

The entire idea was blended with the thought of the product – a watch that makes time for you.

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These photographs were then shared on all social platforms through #Motographs360. The images were also shared on a microsite, where various users of Moto 360 2nd Generation were profiled to give consumers a true idea of the gadget.

Motorola’s Twitter page boasts Cinemagraphs, highlighting various uses of the feature and the product. On Facebook, Motorola’s social media team has been very active in answering queries and appreciating the gratitude received from their fans.

A watch that will always make time for you is here! Check out our series of #Moto360 (2nd Gen.) Motographs here :

Posted by Motorola on Sunday, December 6, 2015

A well thought content strategy

Motorola managed to weave in the thought of ‘A watch that makes time for you’ in all their social communications around Moto 360 2nd Generation.

Facebook and Twitter copies, speak about various uses of the smartwatch, such as tracking health, and catching up with updates.

With all the content and microsite tying up to the same thought, Moto 360 2nd Generation manages to generate a strong brand voice across social media.