5 reasons every decor influencer should participate in #IDIA

Influencers have been doing their bit since quite some time now. We, as the industry, on the other hand have been a tad bit slow when it came to returning the favour. As a pioneering initiative, Asian Paints and Social Samosa got together to recognise the work in the decor space.

While we gear up for India’s first decor influencer awards, it is only wise that you as influencers too look at leveraging the same.

Our dearest digital celebrities, here are five reasons on why you should participate in Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA).

It’s high time!

Every talent demands appreciation. It’s high time you claim your fame by getting pinned on the Wall of Influence.

Be an inspiration

There are tonnes of decor enthusiasts out there, who weren’t as brave as you to take the leap of faith. An award and a platform featuring your accomplishments will not only be a proud moment for you, but also, an inspiration to aspirers out there.

Industry regularisation

Influencers often face issues around inconsistent norms while participating in influencer marketing campaigns. An official recognition of your talent can be the first step towards regularising this beat.

Expand your horizon

IDIA does not only mean to appreciate and recognize, but also, function as one of the most reliable platforms to interact with the best of the industry. Use this opportunity to meet new people and learn the best. Sky is no longer the limit!

Finally, because you deserve it!

It might be time, it might be an inspiration or motivation – but, no reason is more apt than the fact that you deserve it. Don’t think twice when you know you have the talent to win this.

Get on to IDIA’s website now and nominate yourself. If you think a friend deserves it, go ahead and nominate them.