Snapchat gets philanthropic on World AIDS’ Day

Snapchat is launching a red transparent filter to celebrate World AID’s Day with the globe. The admired social media app has coupled with Red and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation to donate around $3 million to fight AIDS.

This initiative is activated to showcase support for HIV infected people around the globe and raise money for fighting this disease.

The concept of introducing filters is not virgin, but the Red filters for the day can actually do some good. With every user sending a snap with the red, AID’s day filter the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation will donate $3 to organizations struggling to win against AID’s. Records suggest that daily around 400 million snaps are shared.

This is not the first time for Red to associate with a digital platform and it had earlier tied up with Twitter coloring the tweets red when used with a special hashtag in 2009; Apple’s App Store in 2013, Vine in 2012, also with Foursquare around check-ins at Starbucks.

Snapchat had its turn to showcase their philanthropic endeavor. The filters will be available to embellish the photos just for a day dedicated to solely to one purpose.

Music DJ Tiesto, actor Jared Leto and comedian television host Jimmy Kimmel have provided their names for a filter. The Red spokeswoman said, “$3 can provide 10 days of life-saving HIV/AIDS medicine in sub-Saharan Africa.”

This is a new feat for Snapchat as it has never worked together with any non-profit organization. Formerly, Snapchat has collaborated with McDonalds to produce sponsored filters allowing users to decorate their snaps with company logos and designs.


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