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Social Samosa Agency Feature: Harmony Digital

 Who are we?

We are HARMONY DIGITAL, the digital agency of an all-inclusive Marketing Communication Firm - Harmony Multimedia. Focussed at developing strong Brand Image and Brand- People Relation, Harmony Digital is into everything online.

It was in 2010, that with a team of 15 people, the dexter-hand of Harmony Multimedia was given shape by Mr. Rajesh Desai. The team comprises of ingenious Web Developers & Designers, SEO Experts, Graphic Designers, Visualizers & Content Writers and a Photographer. Since then, each day here has been dedicated towards delivering truly innovative and creative ideas, designs and communications; leaving no stone unturned in exploiting the best of the digital for clients’ brand communication.

What's in the name?

Bringing “Harmony” in the life of each brand it touches, has been the motto of HARMONY DIGITAL, and hence the name.

The small word “Digital” captures in it a long list of services rendered.

What we do?

We’re in for:

Website Designing and Development, Domain Registration & Booking, Content Writing, Online Branding, Blogging, E – mailers, Online Advertising, Developing Video, Social Media Marketing, Mobile Marketing Solutions.

In short, the whole lot required to heighten your brand’s digital presence!

Why we do it?

To capture the digital savvy audience that forms a chunk of today’s consumers, brands necessarily have to go digital. To execute this dire need of Enhancing Brands’ Digital Presence, Harmony went digital. Harmony Digital, a complete digital solution for brands, came into existence.

 How we evolve?

Brainstorming, Working in Team, Being a constant Learner and Making a special effort for getting updated on new tools and technologies are the gears of Harmony Digital’s smooth functioning and evolvement.

Social responsibility in social media

Proper caution is taken before updating every single thing on social media. It is an open platform and we understand that any negligence on our part may lead to harming our clients’ and our repute.

Need of the hour

Authenticity factor requires greater importance. Plagiarism should be fully avoided and care taken not to hurt the sentiments of any organization/community through our content or designs.

We learned the hard way

End-time efforts often lead to empty results. Plan and prepare before-hand always.

 Did we just share that?

Funny is the huge amount of sudden response we receive as soon as an online contest is launched. Funnier are the posts, sometimes even inbox messages, requesting to make them win!

 They work with us


 Industry as we foresee

Social Media Industry is roaring louder each day. It’s gonna change the way we do business. Everything’s going to be on mobile; we’ll be in a world full of apps. SMM would definitely get costlier but still it would rule all marketing charts.

A day without Internet

The impact of internet is so overwhelming that it’s hard to see the modern world without it, even for a day. So the idea itself spurs panic.

Still, if it happens Team Harmony would surely make all possible efforts to compensate for the loss of one precious “digi-day”.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, very much!

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