#18ShringaarAtHS18 – A smart 360 degree makeover campaign

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Grapes Digital




Grapes Digital is a digital agency associated with HomeShop18. Both the brands are in connection in carrying out exciting and engaging social media campaigns. This time, the agency carried out a 360-degree campaign to complement the unique and interesting opportunities offered by HomeShop18 in their new lifestyle show 18 Shringaar – Stylish Saturdays.

18 Shringaar by HomeShop18 is a lifestyle show that inspires women with its stupendous products galore to get a new look. The show also hosts a special makeover show – 18 Shringaar Stylish Saturdays. The unique concept is all about giving a Live makeover on the medium of television to its customers with an expert team of stylists, makeup artists, hairstylists along with the best of products available on HomeShop18.

The objective was to invite participants from social media to take part in the 18 Shringaar – Stylish Saturdays makeover show. Along with this, they also aimed to create a buzz about the 18 Shringaar – Stylish Saturdays makeover show among the target group active on social media.

The brand wanted to reach its audience in a way like never before and thus chose social media as the face of the campaign.


To channelize an effective reach for the campaign the agency chose to use Facebook and Twitter to engage participants. To sync the participation with the theme of the show the agency came up with the hashtag #18ShringaarAtHS18.

HomeShop18 has a huge fan base of about 1.7 million on social media and to reach out to the participants the agency utilized the social media channels in a smart way by pinning the creative on the top of their Facebook page and Twitter profile where the interested people could submit their entries.


The campaign was introduced to the participants on social media with a special video and a creative that was pinned on the brand pages inviting fans for submitting their entries for 18 Shringaar – Stylish Saturdays. The audience had to post their picture in the comments section of the pinned post using the hashtag #18ShringaarAtHS18 and submit their participation.


Once the submission of the pictures was done each of the participants was messaged by the social media team to collect their contact details. The entries were compiled and forwarded to the brand team for the shortlisting process.

Malti Singh was the lucky one to be shortlisted by the brand and she was called for a makeover during the live TV show. For the pre-buzz of the show, an introduction video and images of the shortlisted participant were taken, edited and then shared on social media by the agency.

On the day of the makeover, to keep the audience connected and engaged, live tweeting of the 18 Shringaar – Stylish Saturday show was done along with some small video bytes showcased exclusively on social media.

“Keep uploading your pics and you may be the next one to get a makeover from HomeShop18 just like me”. – Malti Singh #18ShringaarAtHS18

Posted by HomeShop18 on Saturday, January 9, 2016



The show not only was a huge success in terms of numbers but also garnered a lot of appreciation from the customers for its novel concept and first in the industry approach. The show and campaign trended nationwide and managed to get great user participation.


The hashtag #18ShringaarAtHS18 was able to achieve about 10.17 million impressions and with a reach of 1.8 million.


Hit like if you are amazed by the makeover of Malti on the 18 Shringaar – Stylish Saturdays show! Get a makeover on TV like her by submitting your entries here: http://bit.ly/HS18–18SS

Posted by HomeShop18 on Friday, January 8, 2016


The makeover creative of Malti Singh was able to achieve 2.9k likes and the makeover tweet was able to achieve 90+ retweets.

18 Shringaar airs on HomeShop18 TV channel daily at 1 pm from Monday to Saturday. Customers get a chance to participate on the Saturday show which is known as 18 Shringaar Stylish Saturdays.