Social Samosa Agency Feature: Omnikon- The Brand Specialist

Who are we?

Omnikon-The Brand Specialists is a full service digital agency based in Mumbai. We began our journey in 2014 founded by Kaushik Sundararajan.

Our team is a talented homogenous mix of Left brainers and Right brainers. From creative designers and developers to strategic online strategists, we thrive to provide the Omni treatment a brand deserves.

What’s in the name?

We wanted a unique name for our company and we were always inclined towards having a Japanese touch to our name as we love the way Japanese run their businesses, Thus Omni stands for all encompassing and kon is the Japanese word for energy and success.

What we do?

At Omnikon we offer a bevy of services that we like to call as the Omni-experience. So whether you want a trendsetting logo or the whole branding & Social Media enchilada, sit back cockup your legs and watch our omni-expertise work for your brand.

Our expertise lies in Social Media Marketing Communication, Brand Management, Content Writing, Design & Development, Print Production, PPC Campaigns and Seo Services to name a few.

Why we do it?

We are a company that has passion for strategy & design. Having the right mix of both the creative and the strategic influence, we want to leave a footprint in the digital world that will make a difference!

How we evolve?

Being active on social media and building a brand is never easy. We at Omnikon are always well read and updated. For us planning is the ultimate tool and we are always looking out for trends. We always keep time for a collective group discussion where updating is necessary.

How can we digitally find a solution to a common problem is always what we try and figure out?

Social responsibility in social media

When it comes to social media, honesty and transparency are the two things that will take you forward now and ever. Companies should implement straightforward social media strategies to highlight their commitment towards their products and services.

Need of the hour

To educate our clients about the digital world and give them precise on concrete information on what service would lead to what benefit, ultimately benefit is what matters.

Educate them about the impact of Digital Media and the growing trends.

We learned the hard way

Accepting the mistake and learning from it is the key for Omnikon. Reluctance to accept responsibility and being transparent can lead to huge problems. We have proactively learnt from our mistakes and have been really transparent with our clients about the problem in hand.

“Honesty” does matter in today’s corporate world. This understanding has helped us scale our company rapidly in recent times.

They work with us

Zaverchand Bhurabhai Zaveri, The Ashleys, Siafa by Al Alwani (Saudi Arabia), Siafa India by Al Alwani, Indikitchen, Avensys Consulting (Singapore), Crystal County Resort and Canvas by Sabah Shama, Wellness forever are some of our esteemed clients.

Industry as we foresee

We foresee content marketing having major growth; it’s getting more specific as the day progresses. Understanding consumer demographics, psychographics and producing content for those subsets of people is giving a huge platform for sector-oriented brands as a marketing opportunity.

A day without Internet


Lastly, are you hiring?