Social Samosa Agency Feature: PSS Entertainments

Who are we?

We are a digital agency dealing with all kinds of Social Media related aspects. Initially, we started off as two enthusiastic people want to know and learn about digital media and why people are going gaga over it. The company is set up with a vision to popularize digital media platform here in Kolkata.

Officially, we started our business in 2014 with proper office set-up. We are still learning and growing.

What’s in the name?

We opted for a simple name guided by numerology. Our company named after our owners’ name.

What we do?

  • Social Media Strategy, planning, content management , identifying target audience to generate business
  • Budget management and controlling
  • Revenue Generating through Social Media and Website
  • Media Planning and execution in Bengal
  • Celebrity Management

Why we do it?

The advent of internet has changed the way information on films/product is delivered. In the recent years, convergence and cross platform marketing activities are increasingly becoming the norm in India. This social media promotion is more cost effective means to promote compared to the traditional promotions.

How we evolve?

Evolving is always necessary for any creative field. Being updated all the time and groom ourselves professionally and creatively is what we are aiming at. The two co-founders started off the journey and dreamt of an organized team. In less than 2 years we are a team of 15 vibrant and confident people!
Social responsibility in social media

Social media is very sensitive. While creating content, we always keep few things in mind. It should not hurt anyone’s feelings or point of view. Also we maintain the thin line between humor and vulgarity. Enlighten and entertain is our motto.

Need of the hour

We have welcomed the global exposure that social networking offers us and public transparency is considered a privilege by most of us but unfortunately it has turned out to be harmful when misused. We should increase the level of general awareness about risks and challenges faced during social networking. For a functioning society should know what violates its healthy being and protest against unlawful supervision by certain agencies that involves unethical hacking that curbs the freedom of social media users. Moreover no one, however significant should granted uncontrolled powers when it comes to social media tracking.

We learned the hard way

Digital media is all about interaction. Be it with the clients or the audience. Let your hard work speak more than you do. And be honest with the job you are doing.

Did we just share that?

In social media, you have to be very cautious about your content. You can be misinterpreted at any time. Let’s share an incident:

We handle the social media platform of a renowned Bengali actor. We introduced a segment where we used to highlight some of his famous dialogues from the film. Once we posted a dialogue where the hero is mocking the villain saying, though the tiger and cat both belong to ‘cat’ family, they are not same!

We didn’t imagine that people will misinterpret the dialogue as that particular celebrity is mocking a cricket team because their logo was a tiger!

They work with us

Glamour World, Eskay Movies, DagCMedia, Prosenjit Chatterjee & his production house. Other renowned personalities (Film actors, politicians, journalist, singer/professor of Boston University) MS Dental Clinic.

Industry as we foresee

The way social media is evolving each day, and the way people keep on searching on internet and social platforms, we think it take over the conventional way of promotion. It’s more personalized, more challenging!

A day without Internet

For us, a day without internet is reaching to that pre-civilization era without a time machine! Hello, we earn through it!

Lastly, are you hiring?