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Who are we?

We are Marketing Mafias – a bunch of people who want to redefine the way brands think about marketing, and help them experience what breakout thinking can really do.Technically speaking, we at

Technically speaking, we at Social Panga provide end-to-end design, branding and marketing solutions to brands. Truthfully speaking, we consider ourselves a bunch of renegades (to the extent that each of the team members has a quirky Bollywood character with a negative touch assigned to them from Day 1!) who want to explore ways in which we can blend rules and creativity to create designs, brand identities, and campaigns that really shine!

What's in the name?

We put a lot of thought into naming ourselves because we wanted it to define us, and we think we did a darned good job there. We’re all about being social and connected – because that’s what marketing is all about; and while we agree to and respect all laws and conventions of this world, we still want to do different and unique, hence the Panga.

We do a lot to do justice to the name, right from our business cards with Bollywood characters, to serving cutting chai and Parle-G to our clients when they visit us, and clients love this identity! It gives them something to remember us by!

What we do?

We do everything that a brand needs to have a great online identity. Big words aside, basically it’s the following: -

  • Marketing – Social Media Marketing (Account Identity Management and Campaigns across all social media marketing channels); Search Engine Management (Pay Per Click Ads, Google Display Network, SEO); Email & SMS Marketing
  • Branding & Communication- Brand Identity Design (Logos, Branding Guidelines, Brand Names & Taglines); Marketing Collateral Design (Corporate Decks, Letterheads, Brochures); Packaging Design (Product Packaging, Corporate Gifting)
  • Design Mobile UI/UX Design; Web UX/UI Design; Website Design, Corporate Landing Pages

Why we do it?

A lot of agencies will tell you that they do this because they have a passion for social. Well, we have that too, but the biggest reason for us entering this industry is its potential and freedom to express oneself.

Everyone does basic social media management, but breakthrough campaigns are far and few in between. It is this opportunity and the techno-marketing background of most of our team that makes us be here!

How we evolve?

We believe in evolving by doing! While we do our bit of research everyday (the amount of time and internet bandwidth spent trolling marketing websites and design collections is ridiculous, believe us), but we still feel that true learning happens only when you try out something new and see how it goes!

Social responsibility in social media

Social Responsibility on Social Media should be every brand and agency’s top priority. Social Media doesn’t have censorship laws as strict as other channels, and it is our responsibility to make sure that we don’t create reasons that lead to censorship.

Social Media agencies need to ensure that campaigns, while fun and quirky, should be sensitive enough not to hurt any sentiments. No rules should be flouted.

Need of the hour

Brands should understand that mere presence on social media is not going to get them anywhere. You need to put money where your mouth is and then be patient and wait for the results!

We learned the hard way

You may be doing great work but if you’re unable to communicate that properly, you ain’t getting anywhere. Most agencies tend to have initial discussions with clients and then things go on an auto-pilot mode. We don’t think this works. Clients should be constantly informed of the work the agency is doing and they should always be prodded for new things that can be done

Else one fine day they’ll just say thank you and walk off!

Did we just share that?

We do a lot of logo design and conceptualization, and while most clients give us a brief regarding what they wanna say, sometimes all we have is a brand name.

For one such client, our designers just went crazy and created an absolutely abstract logo that the client loved, but he wanted “the story” behind it. Frankly, there was no story, but we sat up one night and thought of everything under the sun – from physics to psychology and mythology, and the client totally bought it and loved how the logo meant so much!

We were laughing then and we still laugh about that now!!

They work with us

Unilever, Quikr Homes, Terraa, Savaari, Titan, Decathlon, MAAC, MyWash, Teewe, Autowale, Digital Vidya, GRS Fantasy Park, and many more!

Industry as we foresee

The industry is just going to keep getting bigger and bigger, with more brands wanting to join the online bandwagon and make an impact!

A day without Internet

If you visit the office on a day when the internet isn’t working, you’ll see a lot of disoriented people trying to make small-talk but failing miserably because, well, every conversation runs into a point where it’s necessary to show a web page or a video to illustrate a point, and well, that’s where it ends.

When the internet is off, people are usually just sitting and planning about what they’ll do when the internet comes on!

Lastly, are you hiring?


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