Cello takes on social media with Main aur Maa

Cello, the homeware brand takes viiewers on a 7 minute emotionally overwhelming journey of motherhood narrated by a daughter, merging in the brands tagline ‘Companion for Life.’

‘Main aur maa’ Outline

Entirely built on the foundation of a mother-daughter relationship, the campaign ‘Main aur Maa’ sheds light on the role of every mother in her child’s life. The long video format campaign is beautifully woven around the central idea – Companion for Life.

The film begins with the birth of the daughter and eventually brings out every phase of their relationship through the passage of time. It highlights every sacrifice that a mother makes to ensure her baby’s well being, at any hour of the day. The viewer is taken through the journey of the relationship right from the birth, to school, college, professional life, marriage and finally till her pregnancy.

The story concludes when the daughter herself becomes a mother and in that one moment realizes every sacrifice made by her mother.

Campaign synopsis

Releasing the film in the social media space was the first phase of the campaign, which was followed by a second phase where Cello conducted a contest on Facebook and Twitter.

The contest was the basic question-answer format where participants were given multiple choice questions about the campaign and the brand with giveaways in return.

Social media buzz

Heavily promoted on social media, the campaign managed to garner over a million views on YouTube within 10 days. Their social media pages attracted massive traction through the campaign. The brand also maintained interaction with their audience on the page and were considerably active t generate higher engagement.

The campaign revolved around a relationship which was easily relatable to a majority, which worked for the brand to create an easy connect with the audience. The essence of the campaign was based on emotions, sensitivity and the untainted love shared between a mother and her daughter.

The brand made a smart move when they drew a connection with the film content to their brand tagline at the very end, which aided to build a stronger connect with the audience through sentiments. Stirring away from the breaking stereotypes and being bold theme also proved to be a good choice.

Though, Cello gained admiration and did magnet a large audience, it still felt lengthy sometimes distracting the viewers. The visuals and scenes in the video were predictable when the mother wakes up early to prepare meals for her daughter or when she stays till her daughter comes home. They could have put across the same message through a shorter and crisp video.

All in all – the campaign manages to tick the all the basic requirements of a long video format campaign.