These funny influencer moments will crack you up!

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These funny influencer moments will crack you up!
The best and the worst parts of being an influencer involve the funny and weird briefs you receive from clients. And, the excruciating pain of explaining what exactly you do for a living to relatives, neighbours and parents.

As Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA) nominees battle it out to claim their fame, we indulge with them in a raunchy conversation. Read on to find out these influencers’ funniest and weirdest moments.

Rachit Sharma

Please write a 1000 word blog and the payout is 0.50 Paise per word.

Me: Seriously? :O

Rukmini Roy Kadam

Hi, we are X. Please find attached the catalogue for our new range Y. It'll be great to see an Instagram post within this week, at your platform on this, as we find your platform fit for our products. Look forward. <>

Nivedita Das Narayan

"Your blog will benefit from featuring us... we are a Start-up"

Karnika Budhiraja

OMG! Okay, so once I received a message stating that I had to market a brand on Instagram that had no posts on their Instagram account to just create awareness about their name which was INVISIBLE.

Nivedita Das Narayan

"We can send your curtains of your choice and you can feature them on your site."

Dear influencers, we just have one thing to say to this – we feel your pain! Now that you have had your share of laugh, go out and vote for your favourite influencer. After all that they go through, a vote is the least you can give them.

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