#IDIA – 4 days to go!

Social Samosa
Jan 18, 2016 13:48 IST
#IDIA – 4 days to go!
With less than five days to go – Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards (IDIA) is now in its final phase. Over 500 vote for our 160 shortlisted entries – IDIA has managed to stir decor enthusiasts across social media.

Live IDIA tracker has been buzzing with constant votes from users for their favourite decor influencer out there. While the leader board currently puts Trumatter, Stylenob, and Design Pataki in the lead, the constant votes make the situation extremely volatile. The competition has been fierce so far and a single vote could change the face of the game.

So, we ask you – have you done your part?

IDIA culminates on January 22 – bestowing the best of decor influencers from India with the much deserve accolades. You still have four days to cast your vote taking your favourite influencer to the heights of the Wall of Influence.

To give you a quick brief – IDIA has to categories recognising decor influencers’ work across platforms including blogs, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The entries were scored across various parameters by an esteemed jury panel.

The final bit of scoring depends on online bit – entrusting social media dwellers with one of the biggest responsibilities. Take the final step and vote for your favourite interior and home decor influencer now.

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