#IDIA crosses 2000 votes!

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#IDIA crosses 2000 votes!
With less than 3 days to go, all eyes are set on Asian Paints Indian Decor Influencer Awards. Shortlisted nominees are battling the virtual war with great vigor to make it big across the Wall of Influence. Constant propaganda has earned IDIA participants 2050 entries! Kudos, guys!

Taking the game a notch higher, Asian Paints and Social Samosa initiated 1 up - an activity to empower our beloved decor influencers to earn some brownie points. All they had to do was write, post or tweet about IDIA and merit a badge.

Every passing minute and every new vote change the face of IDIA leaderboard dramatically. IDIA has 10 categories, each of which has takers struggling for the throne.

Help your favourite decor influencer win this accolade; cast your vote now!

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