Instagram hosts first photo exhibition in India.

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Instagram launched its first ever photo exhibition in India held in the city of Kolkata, at the Indian Council for Cultural Relations. Themed, ‘Bengal’s Diversity in Pictures’, the exhibition showcases a diverse range of images and stories captured by the Instagram community hailing from the culture rich state of Bengal.

The three-day photo exhibition runs from January 7 to 9, 2016 and was inaugurated by Mr. Derek O’Brien, Member of Parliament and Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party Leader, Rajya Sabha.

From beautiful landscapes to people, food, festivals, wildlife, architecture, and more, the exhibition conveys the multiple facets of life unique to the state of Bengal. The visual documentation of these moments on Instagram by the Indian community demonstrates how people are increasingly using images to communicate and experience the world around them. With 80 million photos posted on Instagram every day, if something is happening, it is likely being captured on Instagram, taking these images to the world across cultural and language barriers.

Members of the Instagram community featured in this exhibition constitute a group of 17 individuals from Kolkata across various age groups and professional backgrounds, united in their passion to capture inspiring moments and stories from their personal perspective. "Instagram worked with the local community - Instagram Calcutta (@ig_calcutta) - to curate images which reflected the theme of diversity in Bengal.”

Ankhi Das, Public Policy Director – India, South & Central Asia, Facebook said, “Every day, people come to Instagram to be transported, to be inspired, and to learn something new about the world around them. By holding our first photo exhibition in India focused on Bengal, we want to shine a light on the diversity of voices and visual storytelling by the community on Instagram.”

Derek O'Brien, Member of Parliament and Trinamool Congress Parliamentary Party Leader, Rajya Sabha said, "The cultural diversity, energy and vibrancy of Bengal is perfectly portrayed through this Instagram exhibition. Bengal is rich in diversity and creativity and this exhibition serves as an important reminder of the inspiring people, food, architecture and wildlife we have on our doorstep."

Listed below are the links to the Instagram to some of the images selected to be displayed at the exhibition:

  1. Anindito Mukherjee, 31 years, Photojournalist at Reuters -

Image: A waiter dressed in a classic white uniform, rushes up the stairs of Kolkata's own Starbucks! The College Street Coffee house with its Victorian charm and classic menu still is a popular hangout, for artists, intellectuals and the young generation of the city. Shot at Indian Coffee House, College Street Kolkata   2. Arghya Chatterjee, 36 years, Photographer -

A photo posted by Arghya Chatterjee (@arghya005) on

Image: This Photo was taken at Purulia, Near Ayodhya Hill with a Background of seasonal flowers named "Kash". The Dance is known as "Chhau Dance". In the photo the Masked Dancer is enjoying his role as a "Warrior"

3. Arpita Pramanick, 24 years, Graphic Designer -

Image: The photograph was shot at Mullick Ghat, Howrah, Kolkata during summer. In this image, we see local children playing and jumping into the Ganges, in front of the Howrah bridge.  Debarshi Duttagupta, 39 years, Self-employed businessman - 4. Debarshi Duttagupta, 39 years, Self-employed businessman -

Image: This image was taken in a place called Gadiara, in West Bengal, India, on the banks of River Roopnarayan.

With 80 million photos posted on Instagram every day, if something is happening, it is likely being captured on Instagram, taking these images to the world across cultural and language barriers.

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