Motorola creates video campaign for pre-launch buzz

Motorola India, for the launch of Moto X Force on February 01, rolled out a video campaign through its social media channels,challenging the Apple phone with poise. The teaser campaign consists of a series of videos shot quality videos of Moto X challenging various handsets with a break text.

Possessing a shatterproof screen is every smart-phone users’ dream and Motorola is full filling that by introducing its new phone. In this bold campaign, Motorola is challenging its rival brands and proving to be better than the Apple’s IPhone 6s, Samsung’s S6 and Note, HTC and LG.

This short 20 second video takes a drop test where evidently the screen of the Apple product cracks into pieces; the video exclaiming ‘first they bend and then they break.’ Motorola released a range of videos giving tight competition to the opposition. With the videos we know for sure that the screen protecting Moto X Force has a display that refuses to shatter. Their Twitter handle is beaming with tweets about this product, directly claiming to be better than the rest in the market.

The videos were pushed across social media channels with #MotoFaceOff. The hashtag managed to stir social media grabbing the attention of most tech enthusiasts. It also created conversations around the handset with a defined set of audience through compact content format and smart hashtags.

The campaign got consumers discussing about the phone creating a positive sentiment overall.

With the campaign Motorola makes a bold statement, creating a trust factor amongst the audience, even before the launch of the campaign.

The video also manages to create engagement on various levels, creating the perfect pre-buzz. Stick up to their social channel, as Motorola has much more for us in the bank.