Everything that Paper Boat did right with ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’

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Everything that Paper Boat did right with ‘Hum Honge Kamyab’
To celebrate the commencement of 2016, beverage brand PaperBoat rolls out a campaign to enrich the spirits of the New Year with the stars of start-ups.

Intending some motivation to push you closer to your dreams, the video by PaperBoat jingles the lyrics of ‘Hum honge kamyab’ (We shall overcome) sung by admired singer Sunidhi Chauhan.

Essence of campaign

Nurtured with quintessence of passion, minimalism and lucid visualization this video attempts to highlight the accomplishments of individuals and start-up organizations that raised their bar, achieved their dream and are now creating an inspiration for the rest.

The video showcases newbies in the industry, right from Tanmay Bhat of AIB, Neeraj Kakkar from Paper Boat, Team Indus (India's first independent mission to Moon), Jaydeep Mandal of Aakar Innovations, Amuleek Singh Bijral, Chai Point, Pallavi Gupta, MK Dabbawalla, Shubhra Chaddha the Chumbak girl, Saankhya Labs and many more.

Social media activities

PaperBoat chooses the social media space to promote their video and has managed to secure over 1 lac views on YouTube, more than 772k views and 20k likes on their Facebook page and a steady Twitter presence. This dreamy video has created enough buzz on social media, grabbed eye balls and is being appreciated by bulk.

Aesthetically pleasing, this campaign has kick-started to a positive, inspirational 2016. Not promoting any of their products directly, PaperBoat as a brand makes a social media presence collectively raising other start-ups and individuals along with it.


The video does not restrict to any particular age-group, strata or gender of the society but put across its bold message in a pliable manner of ‘making your dream come true this year.’ PaperBoat does not rely on hashtags to promote itself but solely on the video, separating itself from the clan.

Further, featuring Neeraj Kakkar subtly manages to position Paper Boat as a start-up that is working passionately to treasure age old recipes and take it to every nook and cranny of the city.

Presence of many fresh, yet acknowledged professionals in the video automatically helped the video somewhere to get noticed. These faces are influencers in their own capacity, which helps the brand spread the message wider.

Though the video does not signal any new trend or creativity it continues to run on simplicity, striking visuals and of course the song which is already familiar to the majority, thus making it easier to create a connect.

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