Mother Dairy's #TweetToFarmer touches the right chords

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Mother Dairy's #TweetToFarmer touches the right chords

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To commemorate the birthday of Dr. Verghese Kurien, the face of White Revolution in India, Mother Dairy introduced a campaign centered on around the great legend. The campaign titled #TweetToFarmer was designed in two phases, where the first phase was released on November 26,

The campaign titled #TweetToFarmer was designed in two phases, where the first phase was released on November 26, 2015 at 12am marking the birthday of Dr. Kurien.


The foremost purpose evidently was to appreciate the efforts put by the famers of the country. The campaign also bridged the gap between urban and rural India and became a medium of connect in a way representing their brand.

Chapter I

The first fraction launched on November 26, 2015 reached out to Twitteratis encouraging the digital folks to tweet using the campaign hashtag of #TweetToFarmer to showcase their gratitude towards the efforts of our food producers.

The activity extended for a period of 5 days.  The campaign also encouraged the use of the hashtag #FarmersFirst to grab attention.

Chapter II

Post the Twitter interactive phase, in part two of the campaign, the brand selectively combined some admiration messages (tweets) and personally delivered them to the farmers on a customized scroll at the Mother Dairy collection centers.

Further, the heart touching responses of the Farmer’s were captured and later produced into a video which was put up by the brand on their social media handles.




According to the date sharing by the agency, the first phase bred over 1.3 million impressions whereas the video received over 14k shares and more than 39k responses.

With farmer suicides increasing by the day, the topic chosen by Mother Dairy was indeed a smart one. It managed to create awareness and conversations around the subject.

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