A quick look at winners of 1st five #IDIAwards categories

Twitter is buzzing and we can’t get our eyes off Social Samosa’s twitter handle. Asian Paints and Social Samosa’s baby Indian Décor Influencer Awards has accomplished half its run and heading towards its final leap.

Meanwhile, amongst the tweet frenzy we would like to rapidly recap the unveiled winners of the first five categories of IDIA.

With the most artistic efforts portrayed on all social media spheres, Somu Padmanabhan won the award for Rising Decor Star of the Year. Rukmini Roy Kadam held the first runner up’s position while Tara Nair is the second runner up.

Like they say, if you are innovative people will turn back to take a look once again and Tara Nair of Crimson April has proved that right and is honored with the award of Innovative Decor Star of the Year. The category saw Rukmini Roy Kadam and Pavitra Mohan Pushpanathan for Masala Chai as the 1st and the 2nd runner ups respectively.

Having a strong foot on the social media giant, Shruthi Singh aced Facebook Decorista of the Year category for The East Coast Desi, followed very closely by Rukmini Roy Kadam for Trumatter, and Sneha Koukdi for Stylenob.

Jayasudha Seenivasan is honored as Decor Twitterati of the Year. With a difference of mere points, Manvi Drona acquired the second position in this category, while Indian by Design and Shalini Pareira share the second runner up’s position.

Influencer on the photo sharing medium, Rohina Khira attained Decor Instagrammer of the Year title with an enormous edge for her Instagram handle aa.living. Trumatter and the East Coast Desi occupied the second and third positions respectively.

We are pumped up that the anticipation is finally uncovered; you don’t want to miss out the ultimate crust of this event. Get back to Social Samosa’s Twitter for the final showdown. Happy Tweeting.