Edelweiss Tokio life grasps on to mockery to preach you about keeping promises

Navigating itself through the side-splitting path, Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance played around an ancient (almost) yet uncultivated concept of Maa Kasam (Mother’s swear), a hollow Indian slag thrown away with sheer ease these days.

Exploring the contemporary slang- Maa Kasam through the video

Settled firmly on the tip of our tongues, Maa Kasam (I swear by my mother) has been used and reused repeatedly in respective languages. The 3 minute short film takes us through a comical journey of a carefree man who comprehends the actuality of Maa Kasam- the word which has lost its purpose in the topical times.

The film begins with a funeral scene of a mother, where a son swears on his mother to do better in life. Gluing to mockery, the video revolves around the son who’s stuck up in various life situations and uses Maa Kasam falsely to sneak out of it. The video goes on to giggle us, when the son keeps getting caught by punch, pushes, slaps and water splashes, mysteriously for all his lies.

Towards the end, when the frustrated spirit of his mother comes down to tell him, ‘Vaade Sabhi Karte Hai, Jarurat Hai Unko Nibhane Ki’ which translates to everybody makes promises, but it’s important to stick by them. At the end, it turns out to be a happy ending when the son finally learns his lesson and significance of promises; and through the video, they attempt to widen awareness about insurance.

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Posted by Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance on Monday, February 8, 2016

Brand-Campaign relationship

Evidently putting intense thought on creativity Edelweiss Tokio came up with a campaign bouncing around a petty, plain yet pioneering perception. Innovation at its peak, the brand draws a relation like never before between a mere concept relatable to the masses and its brand ideology.

“Waade toh sabhi karte hai, zarurat hai unhe nibhane ki’ says the brand thus boasting its worth and dedication towards its customers with this tagline sticks to the zest of the video. Call it sly or smart, but the brand manages to promote itself in the video by putting up an Edelweiss Tokio advertisement in the background of the frame, not obvious yet noticeable.

The Social Media game

A campaign with a strong social media presence automatically goes up the score chart. The brand put up a contest about the video on their Facebook and Twitter handles with prizes up for grabs, along with gifs from the video itself.

The contest played around the campaign film where users were urged to answer the questions related to the video released.

The hashtag used for the campaign #MaaKasam was bland and unlike the video lacked creativity. The campaign though had a decent existence on Facebook and Twitter, it did not explore with other social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat or more yet again failing to explore and grasp engagement.

The video received over 10k likes on Facebook with more than a million views and was shared 6k times.

Ouch! That must have hurt! Wondering why Babloo got punched?? To find out what actually happened stay tuned for #maakasam.Be the first to watch #maakasam today at 5 pm.

Posted by Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance on Monday, February 8, 2016

Scope for betterment  

The video even though speaks boldly about the importance of making and keeping promises, fails to introduce the significance of insurance. It was thorny to catch the fact that insurance was the heart motif of the entire video. It solely focused on the brand philosophy of keeping promises.

There was a huge scope of triggering user generated content around #MaaKasam , dubsmash/vines on a related theme but the campaign failed to translate the creativity on their social media handles, thus reducing the charm of the video.

From a video marketing view point, Edelweiss Tokio scored well on creativity, a bolder social media push as well, would’ve taken the subject to an all new level.


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