Facebook strengthens its social virtual reality game

The social media giant is taking a leap forward and has gone ahead to build a team to generate social interactions in the virtual reality space.

This team will work in collaboration with Oculus and the rest at Facebook with the aim to discover the possibilities of people connecting using today’s technology of virtual reality.

Within Facebook, virtual reality remains a chief initiative. RecentlyMark Zuckerberg made a surprise visit at Samsung’s Mobile World Congress press conference to promote virtual reality. Zuckerberg believes that virtual reality, after mobile phones is the next big thing, stringing friends and folks across the globe.

Zuckerberg shared, “Pretty soon we’re going to live in a world where everyone has the power to share and experience whole scenes as if you’re just there, right there in person.” Father of Facebook wishes to capture and share his daughter’s first steps using virtual reality.

A 2 billion dollar bet was made by Zuckerberg on virtual reality headset maker Oculur Rift in the year 2014 in March. He assumes that the lightweight virtual or amplified reality glasses hold the ability to transport us into the virtual world or showcase virtual objects into the actual world will soon be a common affair.

Facebook confesses that it has to face software and hardware difficulties but they also shared that they are encouraged by their progress and build innovative technology to enable people to connect and share

Facebook also announced that its welcoming its streaming technology for 360 video to Samsung Gear VR in the following weeks. Over 20,000 videos are uploaded daily, around million users watch 360 videos on Facebook.

According to the social media giant, netizens have viewed more than 1 million hours of video on the Gear VR, for which Oculus contructed the virtual reality software.


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