#GiftALivelihood positions ICICI Academy as a catalyst for change

As they say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” To nurture this intention, ICICI Foundation rolled out a campaign for the ICICI Academy for skills countrywide referral agenda called ‘Gift a Livelihood’

This program tempted its audience to refer underprivileged deserving individuals to be trained at their academy. The organization released a short film on their social media platform highlighting one such success story.

Program- Step one
ICICI initiated a campaign, calling you out to be the bridge that makes ends meet to embrace, acknowledge, and foster the concealed skills of underprivileged people.

A film centered on one such life story creatively describing the entire program, and how the organization expected from its audience to provide a sustainable livelihood to the deserved and needy. This crisp video visually narrated the story of the entire program and was a call out to people like you and me, the cream layer of the society.

This poignant, crease-free film identified the intense gap between the lower and middle strata, putting across the idea in a dignified manner. The video speaks to every individual calling out to the wealthier, educated class. It was self-explanatory, innovative with a powerful message, just like the campaign.

Program- Step two

Post the referral by people, the academy filters to enroll all eligible candidates for the course of 12 weeks vocational skill developing program free of charge, which focuses entirely on industry level maturity and significance. Towards the termination of the training, the ICICI Academy aims to provide a steady employment to aid them towards a dignified lifestyle.

Additionally, training was provided to strengthen communication skills and financial literally. The courses being offered are selling skills, office administration, wed designing, retail café operation, electrical and home appliance repair, Refrigeration & AC Repair, Pumps & Motor Repair, Central Air conditioning, Paint Application Techniques, Tractor Mechanic, Lab Assistant at Diagnostic Centres, Two & Three Wheeler Service Technician and Retail Sales.

These courses are conducted 22 centers across the country, out of which 10 centers are exclusively women-centric, for just that particular gender.

The program is to absorb a candidate must have cleared at least standard 8th and must fit in the age gap of 18 to 30 years.

Social media buzz

The organization has put forth plenty appeals mainly through its self-social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and shared success stories of the students who escalated their lifestyle through the program.

The hashtag #GiftALivelihood was used to promote the campaign; it speaks for itself summing up the idea of their entire campaign.

Sambasiva had to discontinue his education due to family problems. He was interested in electrical work, but could not…

Posted by ICICI Bank on Tuesday, January 12, 2016


What worked well?

Social media responded positively as the video received over 6 lac views on YouTube; Twitter and Facebook pages shared testimonials of people with inspirational, accomplished tales thus inviting more entries.

What did not work for the campaign?

The campaign though is a great initiative, did not hold a strong position on the social media handles, and got lost amongst the cluster of other activities by the bank.

While the released short film was very inspirational and visually appealing, the organization should have prepared more such audio-visual success stories or put more creative efforts in this call for a good cause as that speaks louder then mere posts.

Overall, the campaign sure managed to inspire, but a more innovative approach would have placed ICICI Livelihood on the map.