Indian Instagram Rockstars for instant inspiration

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Indian Instagram Rockstars for instant inspiration
Over past 5 years, Instagram has witnessed growth in performance, interaction, users and pictures shared every day. According to data revealed by Facebook, over 50% of Indian Instagrammers have frequently purchased products and services from the brands they follow.

Facebok launched Instagram ads in India in the last trimester of 2015 but most brands/users haven’t mastered the skills to use it to its utmost capability. Nevertheless, there are few rock stars that touched the epitome of their account success and have led an example for us to follow.

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1. @Chumbak

Good times are here again. Chumbak clocks back in stock! #chumbak #clocks #makehappy

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This quirky accessories store tried exploring the photo-sharing app and has leveraged the platform to build a strong, loyal Instagram community. Highlighting bright colours and unique designs with a pinch of Instagram has helped the brand grow tremendously over the period of time.


2. @Le15Patisseire

Making the social media savvy turn into dessert savvy, Pooja Dhingra and team have brought their little bakery on Instagram sharing their love for sugar and everything sweet with about 42.8K followers.

3. @PopXoDaily

Sharing all the little details around pop culture, make-up, clothes and accessories, #POPxoDaily has managed to reach out to their audience on Instagram with lifestyle and beauty content that caters to female users. Utilising the platform, it has created significant buzz and higher levels of engagement. 


It is extremely crucial for digital agencies to make their presence felt on social media - not only it gives the clients a view of what they do, but also, help in cultivating an internal culture. Sharing a picture or two of their inside-office-jokes or an informative creative can help build a relationship with the audience. Crisp content and social media engagement can do wonders for the business and might even generate more leads. 

1. @FilterCoffeeCo

Instagram content is all about 'Details'. Great team work by @filtercoffeeco for @lorealparisin #2015 #ClientDiaries #SocialMedia #Marketing

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2. @Gozoop

3. @WATConsult

4. @DDBMudraGroup

The #DDB bosses at #spikesasia2015 #instalike #likeaboss #adlife #awards #advertising

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4. @themisconsult


1. @TheSnobJournal

From sharing her favourite dress, accessories and hosting contests on her handle, Aashna Shroff has managed to get 114K followers on Instagram. She is an avid Lifestyle and fashion Instagram blogger, using bright and colourful backgrounds in her pictures for getting picturesque clicks.

2. @BombayBhukkad

Digital Disneyland for food lovers, this handle shares pictures of food from all around Mumbai. It is one of most favourite culinary accounts for foodies in Bombay with 16.7k followers!

3. @AbhiAndNow

इस बार कम हैं थोड़ी, पर तुम्हारे लिए, बची-कुची सारी सर्दियाँ समेट रखी हैं, इस बार कम हैं थोड़ी, पर तुम्हारे लिए, सारी कहानियाँ एक लिफाफे में लपेट रखी हैं . बिस्तर में बैठ, रजाई ओड़ सब किस्से खोलेंगे, जो कुछ अनकहा रह गया था, इस बार हर वह बात बोलेंगे और तो और सुना है, ब्रह्माण्ड में अकाउंटेंट की पोस्ट खाली है, सारी रात लेट कर तारे गिनेंगे, आधे तुम्हारे आधे मेरे, बीच किसी एक बचे तारे पर, फिर दोनों चुपके से मिलेंगे . और इस बार अगर रजाई, थोड़ी छोटी पड़ी, तो तुम मुझे ओड़ लेना, कुछ सपने अगर, फिर बाकी रह गए, तो उस नीले आसमान से तोड़ लेना . पर आना ज़रूर, क्योंकि इस बार, इंतज़ार थोड़ा ज्यादा हुआ है, पहाड़ और मैं अब बस तुम्हारी याद में हैं, तुम्हे देखने का जो फिरसे इरादा हुआ है . पर आना ज़रूर, क्योंकि इस बार, सर्दियाँ कुछ समेटी हुई हैं, और जो अभी तक नहीं निकली, वह कहानियाँ एक लिफाफे में लपेटी हुई हैं . तो आना ज़रूर, ले जाना ज़रूर, हर वह ख्याल मेरा, जो कबसे तुम्हारा हुए बैठा है

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One of the popular names in the travel blogging sphere, Abhinav Chandel shares his experiences and stories on Instagram with more pictures and lesser words.

With a burst of activity, Instagram boasts of 8,500 new likes and 1,000 new comments being registered every second. The increasing number of users, make Instagram only more appealing and important.

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