Instagram extends video ads to 60 seconds

To aid commercials to reach their business goals, Instagram has now extended its 30 seconds video ads to 60 seconds videoTo debut this update, T-Mobile’s additional 30 seconds’ Super Bowl commercial featuring the musician Drake is now playing an exceptional version of 60 seconds Instagram ad for the upcoming film, How to be Single.

The photo sharing application boasts a whopping 400 million active users which has pushed Facebook to finally get stern towards monetizing Instagram. September last year, Instagram offered the generous extension of 30 second long ads while selling ads in more 30 countries.

Evidently, Instagram aspires to compete with the television ad format, attempting to make a digital shift for the advertisers providing them with a larger platform to promote.

With the advent of paid advertising on Instagram, more and more start-ups have been seen leveraging it for budget and engagement reason.s

But trying to dissect the user mentality with short attention spans who are seeking for faster feeds, we could only speculate about the success of this new update. Instagram through this update is actually making a shift from its ideal policy of quick scroll through content.

Similar to its older sister, Instagram is now attempting to provide a wider and more flexible platform for ads. According to data revealed by Facebook in 2015, more than 40 billion pictures are shared on the app regularly.