Must know things before taking up a digital marketing course

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Must know things before taking up a digital marketing course
Digital marketing is that science which requires intricate understanding of concepts, technology, and trends. Leveraging this form of marketing to its optimum level requires balanced courses, which give a view of theory and practical. Nonetheless, in a sea of courses it is extremely difficult to find the one which will truly help.

While choosing the right course that complements your existing skill set is a tough ask, evaluating potential offerings with the following parameters in mind will go a long way -

  1. Learning material – course content

Content is what makes or breaks any course. Since digital marketing is a rapidly evolving field, it is important that the learning material offered is at par with current industry standards. Course curriculum and content should incorporate the latest developments in the field.

  1. Faculty

Some background research into the training faculty for any chosen course is thoroughly recommended. Domain experts can draw from their experience to bring a lot of value to the table.

  1. Certifications

Certifications add value and attest to your expertise in the subject. Certifications from bodies like OMCP, Google, Facebook etc., will set you apart from other candidates in the hiring process.

  1. Projects

Theory works best when coupled with practical application & hands-on experience. Digital marketing courses that offer projects packaged with the training will help you apply the concepts in real-world scenarios.

One of the courses that managed to make the cut basis aforementioned parameters was Simplilearn’s DMCA online classroom flexi- pass. The course offers 180 days e-learning access to content on the most popular domains of Digital marketing – SEO, Web analytics, Email marketing, Social media marketing, Content marketing, PPC, Conversion optimization, Mobile marketing along with instructor led batch training access for 90 days.

The course has digital honchos from around the world as faculty. Avinash Kaushik- author of Web analytics 2.0, Brad Geddes – author of Advanced Google adwords, and Matt Bailey - author of Internet marketing are to name a few.

DMCA prepares you for OMCA certification which is offered by OMCP, a leading online marketing governing body. It also gets you ready for Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook Blueprint and YouTube marketing certifications.

A digital marketing course needs to do a lot more than enhancing your skill set. It needs to transform you in a marketer who knows how to say ahead of the curve. Make sure the course you pick ticks all the boxes!

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