#SamosaChat simplifies Social Selling for your business

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#SamosaChat simplifies Social Selling for your business
Social Samosa, is back with #SamosaChat and this time we are sweeping the dust off the term ‘Social Selling’. We all know it’s happening, but through this chat we aim to dissect as to how, when, why, where it is happening and more.

We have Social Selling experts who would shed some light on ‘Social Selling’  Co Authors of You Are The Key - Apurva Chamaria and Gaurav Kakkar who are inviting Twitteratis to share their questions, opinions, and views addressing it to @Social_Samosa with #SamosaChat.


Talking about the evolution of Social Selling our panelists shared that social media marketing involves communicating large set of customers while social selling is personalized differentiating between the two terms.

Discussing about the barriers of Social Selling our panelists expressed that online relations enable trust but who knows the actual person behind the box.

We also discussed about the first step for entering the world of social selling, our panelists told us to create a customer centric profile, publish content regularly, identify and engage prospects.

While we were engrossed in the discussing the question that popped up was how to engage with buyers on Social Networks, to which they asked us to start with sharing content based on their needs, commenting, helping them and finally connecting.

As the conversation continued, Twitteratis discussed the Social Selling success and highlighted the fact that research and user engagement is the key for selling

Conversing about how the marketing content can be leveraged by the sales team to which panelist Gaurav Kakkar replied that Sales must leverage content such as whitepapers, eBooks and case studies to build trust.

Some light was shed on the difference between social selling and social media marketing to which panelist Apurva Chamaria tweeted out a simplified answer saying Social media marketing involves communicating to a large set of customers while social selling is comparatively personalized.

Concluding the chat, Social Selling was compared with traditional selling and the outcome of the conversation was that social selling helps you hear voice of sales prospect and crafting your services accordingly by gaining customer insights

To sum up as #SocialSelling is a new age phenomena which can help brands and businesses in identifying prospects generating new leads and converting buzz into business.

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