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About the Platform.

Sagoon is a social commerce platform that aims to transform negative experience on social media into positive experiences by rewarding users for the time they spend on this platform. It also enables users to build social connections, share messages (privately or publicly), organize daily Tasks more efficiently and communicate (chat) seamlessly using My Moods.


Govinda Giri, Founder – He is the founder of Sagoon and the person responsible for setting the overall direction and strategy.

Kabin Sitoula, Co-founder – He is the Community Out-reach Specialist at Sagoon. His responsibility is to build the effective marketing strategy and approach local & international communities to raise funds.

Swati Dayal, Co-founder – As the product and operation head, she is responsible for introducing innovative features that can bring a positive change in people’s lives and enhance the overall value of the product. She is also shouldering the responsibility of managing team operations, implementing company policies and streamlining the work process.

Whom do we cater to?

Our target audience includes those global users in the age range of 14 and 55 who:

  • Own a smartphone
  • Are active on major social platforms
  • Are familiar with the online shopping

What do we offer to our consumers?

We offer our customers three innovative features:

My Day It is a great tool to create schedules, to-do-list and set reminders. This means it is highly unlikely for users to miss on important task or a crucial meeting. Moreover, the users are allowed to share schedules, to-do lists and reminders with their contacts; this solves the last-minute crisis of ‘who will complete the task’ in case the user who was originally supposed to complete it gets busy somewhere else.

Secret – This feature lets users share secret messages publicly or privately. Users can choose to hide their identity, which means:

  • They can roll out important information which they could not have with their identity known.
  • They can confess their mistake and reduce guilt to a great extent.

MoodTalk – It is a chatting tool that helps you communicate using ‘moods’ — a feature for the real time expression of your moods. Now that you can show your emotional state using moods (emojis) to your contacts, your loved ones may start connecting with you and you can then express your feelings to them!

Social Smart Card – This soon-to-be-launched feature revolves around rewarding users for the time they spend on Sagoon.

What motivated us to start up?

The fact that people spend hours in social media and get nothing in return prompted Mr. Govinda Giri to develop a platform that could bring a positive change in people’s lives by rewarding them for spending their time on the same.

What's in a name?

The word Sagoon is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Shakuna’ which means an auspicious moment or “Good Luck”.

How do we see Social Media?

According to us, social media is one of the strongest pillars that supports the structure names MARKETING. It provides the opportunity for business to meet consumers and collect their immediate feedback to further improve the product.

Not only this, social media lets you take a peek into the marketing strategy of competitors and collect useful insights to make your campaign a success. Over and above, social media enables you to roll out important pieces of information in real time and enhance the visibility of your brand at the same time.

Currently we are....

We started with one graphic designer and did not have any office. Today, we ae strong team of 18 employees, operating from the offices located in US, India and Nepal.

After we launched Sagoon version 2.0 in July 2014 in US, we acquired some 60,000 users. The number today is well above 230,000 users.

Our biggest challenge was..

The biggest challenge for us was to hire a team of competent individuals and knit them into a family. We eventually succeeded in doing that; credit goes to Swati Dayal, who herself took the responsibility to pick best talents from the industry and train them to timely achieve company’s objectives.

We want to dominate the world by..

We really want to dominate the world by becoming the first successful social commerce platform in the world. And we are certain that social media is going to play a big role in this distant goal because we know that majority of our target audience is present on at least one social platform.

We intend to reach them through targeted advertising and apprise them what Sagoon is capable of and how they can benefit from it, especially in terms of earning money for spending time on our platform.

We’re making moolah by...

We take 10% commission on every transaction

  • We sell digital gift card and coupons
  • We sell event tickets
  • We charge for business registration fee and space for banner advertising

Industry as we foresee

We think that the arena of social media will be important than ever for businesses and keeping this in mind the social media giants will roll out more features for businesses to advertise their products/services. The competition to appear on timeline would be fierce and in such a scenario it would be interesting to see how social media platforms successfully retain the interest of a normal social media user.

Lastly, Are you hiring?

Yes, we are hiring.

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