Turkish Airlines stirs away from from clichés with #TKTraveloscope


Turkish Airlines




Motivated to detach their brand from the cliché New Year themed campaigns while staying close to the occasion, Turkish Airlines whipped up a campaign – #TKTraveloscope. The airline company empowered their followers to board on to an engaging route to welcome 2016.


The primary objective of the brand apart from putting across an innovative campaign was to create brand engagement.

Check off your favourite destinations from the bucket list. Let us tell you what the stars have to say about your next vacation!P.S: There’s a surprise in the end. #TKTraveloscope

Posted by Turkish Airlines on Tuesday, January 19, 2016



The airline company published an adorable animated film which unfolded the kinds of travelers according to zodiac signs stands for. Through their social media handles, Turkish Airlines called out their fans to explore their travel plans for the year based on their horoscope.

Following the video, the campaign conducted activities on Facebook and Twitter. A travel gif was uploaded on their Facebook page where people had to identify 7 out of 10 destinations devoted to their sun signs. This Facebook bustle comprised of 120 travel destinations spin at a speed.

Parallel to that a Twitter contest was held where users had to answer 12 questions revolving around the video using the campaign hashtag #TKTraveloscope.

The brand even went ahead to share travel and horoscope related listicles like ’10 destinations an Aries must visit in 2016’ and so on.

#TKTraveloscope told you what your sun sign holds this year http://on.fb.me/1nAIQtd, are you ready for what’s…

Posted by Turkish Airlines on Thursday, January 28, 2016



Social media reacted well, as the campaign received 0.115 million video views, 14 million total impressions, generated 6586 tweets about the campaign, engaged Facebook interactions of 24,758, acquired 15,919 new fans and finally reached 1.5 million people.

In 2015, the brand page only received 35,000 new fans and through this campaign in just 20 days they received close to 16000 new fans.

Turkish Airlines managed to hit the sweet spot by combining the curiosity around sun signs with the passion for travel.