3 lessons from Grasim’s social media strategy


Wardrobes are now filled with outfits inspired by designs on Pinterest and trends that were picked on Facebook and Twitter. Fashion brands are now in spotlight like never before, they sit atop a goldmine when it comes to marketing; providing it’s done right!

While a big fashion label has the opportunity to cater to its existing audience through social media, acquiring new leads can be a task. To make this challenge easier, here is a 3 point plan for social media virgin fashion marketers.

Find the sweet spot

When you speak about your own product, only existing consumers are likely to connect to it. To attract newer audiences, brands need to find the one connecting point.


For instance, apparels brand, Grasim created content around Valentine’s day with their brand ambassador John Abraham called “ For The Love of John”. It was a 5 day campaign, gathering a lot of engagement from the existing Fans and remarkable attention from new viewers. The contest revolved around celebrating the season of love by expressing feelings for John Abraham through letters, videos and selfies.

It’s called a ‘trend’ for a reason

A few might say that selfies or Dubsmash are overdone. However, certain trends remain evergreen. Bank on such trends to get maximum number of audiences to interact.

Grasim took the contest a step ahead by asking users to get on to Dubsmash. Users were to Instagram their Dubsmashes, tagging Grasim – thus creating a through and through social nexus.

Giving the right push

While content needs to be platform agnostic, it has to be cross promoted for better reach. Grasim pushed its A/W ’15 Collection videos across all its social platforms, giving their fans and followers a preview of what the lining is all about.

John Abraham’s video managed to receive decent amount of likes, amplifying the fact that the right push across platforms can lead to a better exposure.

Grasim followed a basic yet sturdy social plan to market its #ColorPower Collection and (A/W) 15 Collection across social media platforms, creating a wide footprint.