Are you struggling with Facebook Marketing? We did too.

Social media can be a tricky place to do marketing. There seem to be a lot of people, yet nobody likes or shares your content. This has been the case for a lot of companies who market their products on social media. How does one go about solving this?

Behavior of your customers and the platform

Now the major thing about this is that you need to understand the behavior of the platform and the behavior of the people using the platform. User habits differ on every social network.

Facebook for instance, is a fun, social platform filled with funny videos, quotes, crazy articles, and memes. To win on Facebook there is a certain kind of content that you need to create. Everything on social media cannot be a hard sell, you will have to build a brand through likable content and gradually convert these users into loyalists.

An example of Customer Behavior

When we tried promoting a Youtube channel for kids on Facebook, we thought we could get a lot of engagement on the videos. But the truth we quickly realized said otherwise. Parents when on Facebook weren’t interested in entertaining their kids.

This meant nobody would click on our videos, or engage with it. Facebook wasn’t a platform for our TG, the kids, it was for them.

To entertain their kids parents straight go to Youtube and play hour long videos. This is one of the reasons why brands need to understand user dynamics of every platform.

How does one solve this?

Create a profile of your perfect audience.

By this we mean, try to understand who your user is. This can be broken down into more questions.

  • Who is your perfect target audience? (Gender/ Age/Lifestyle/Urban-Rural)
  • What are their habits on social media? (Engagement, Time they spend)
  • What content do they share? (Posts, Videos, Articles, Memes etc.)
  • What are their aspirations/dreams/problems etc?

Here is a perfect example of a Customer Persona from Single Grain.


When you do this exercise, you truly understand your audience. Everything you create from here on will be focused on your customer persona and you should write content that will appeal to them.

This also gives you content Ideas that your audience can relate to. You have seen memes like “90’s kids will understand” with a picture of a Cassette and a pencil. Content like this connects emotionally with audiences in their 20’s and make them click on the Share button. This is the kind of connection is what you want with your audience.

List down the objectives of your business and content

What are your most important metrics to measure on social media? Page Likes? Shares? Comments? No.

The important metrics should be focused on conversion. That is getting your user to make a purchase or a transaction of your choice. Your objectives list can look something like this :

Get my users to Share this video

Why? More than sharing is caring, sharing is the way you reach audiences outside your list. A very important metric, since it can also get your content to go viral.

Get users to visit my website and subscribe

This shows your users are connected to you and your content, making it easy for you to get them to follow your CTA.

Get users to comment/participate in my posts

This shows you have engagement and people are interacting with your brand. For this to work, your content should be tweaked to get them to participate. Posts like polls, questions, opinions should be made.

Once you have the objectives in place, you’ll have an idea of how to go about converting your users into consumers.

The below image represents the place you should be in. If you hit the zone in the middle, you will succeed on Facebook.


How does one build quality leads?

Make sure your ads are highly targeted at users you want. Engage them with good content and free lead magnets to get them to your platform.

This is easier said than done for companies that have serious products. But it doesn’t mean that these companies cannot perform well on Facebook.

On Facebook you can’t sell directly to people and expect them to buy what you offer. You need a funnel in place and what that means is you warm your cold leads by offering incentives or something of value for free and get them to sign-up to your newsletter.

Now they are aware of you and are a part of your mailing list and you can start communicating with them.

Here is a perfect example from Digital Deepak.

He advertises for a Free Digital Marketing course to his targeted audience. If you can see, his engagement is good with over 61 likes and 13 shares.


The above advertisement takes the users to a very specific landing page which gives the user a LOT of value for absolutely free. The only thing in return he asks from the user is their Name and E-mail Id. This acquisition strategy has got him over 5,000 subscribers.


You can have 10,000 likes on your Facebook page and have close to zero engagement, or you can have 1,000 likes on your Facebook page and have very good engagement and conversions. It depends on what you want, but, if you are keen on converting your users you need to employ the above tips to see change.