Facebook’s Atlas empowers marketers in building value and business


Facebook’s Atlas is a people-based measurement and ad serving platform that works across different publishers. It is built on the insights from Facebook’s vast community of real people and also empowers every marketer to understand and create true business value

Last year, Facebook began testing an off Facebook buying option that yielded some interesting insights. Making it even easier for marketers to deliver, measure and see the value of their advertising spend, Facebook aims at building towards value with Atlas.

Video Ad Serving: Realising that videos go everywhere Facebook  learned that it is the one true cross-platform format. Knowing people love to watch videos and that people love to story tell in a video, the social media giant announced the ability for Atlas to give stories across the device, to real people and measure the results of all of them. Video Ad Serving will be broadly available by the end of March.

Path to Conversion: Social media users move from desktop to mobile and back, but now Facebook can give marketers insights into all the ways real people see ads across multiple devices before making a conversion. Path to Conversion (by device reporting) is now available to all the customers.

Offline Actions: Digital accounts for only 32% of US Sales. Facebook aims at making it easier for marketers to measure what drove the other 68%. If it wasn’t easy enough before, now it is. Within minutes, users can see a match number directly in the Atlas user interface.

“We think today’s announcements are a step forward: we know there is still more progress to be made in helping marketers extract the most value from digital. We’re committed to helping them achieve their business goals and deliver the most relevant and effective ads to people,” said Dave Jakubowski, Head of Ad Tech, Facebook in his blog announcing the development.