#FeelLoveUseHate takes a repetitive script with exciting social media execution

“We live in two worlds; love and hate” they exclaimed. Toggling between the dark and light of life, sportswear brand Adidas built their frame bit by bit around the ambassador a.k.a superstar from the world of cricket, Virat Kohli for their new campaign this cricket season.

Acing the world of love and hate

The fuel to fume the desires is ignited with both, hate and love. Untangling the mysteries of both the worlds and equally keeping up with the spark of the cricket season, Adidas for the second time tuned a tale around the fiercely dexterous Virat Kohli.

He’s wild and a wizard with his bat, this spunky player has been loved and loathed, kissed and cursed immensely for his game, fills the screen with suitable stunts besides the narration aptly describing the drama along.

Adidas, grasping onto his brooding personality, the intense relationship he shares with cricket and the repeated game of cheer and contempt from the cricket crazed nation, came up with another digital campaign titled, #FeelLoveUseHate this year after ‘I target the moment’ which was launched last year.

Placing Kohli lucidly as the protagonist, the essence of the film outlines the true story of how love gives you wings and vigour at the same time, hate pulls you down, but still stirs you to bring out the best within by feeling the love and using the hate to bounce back.

Sparkling the senses

Aesthetically, a massive treat to the eyes, this film manages to magnet attention through this video. Striking hues to doodles, potent actions to witty animations and also using VFX this film is knitted together flawlessly with impressive editing, giving birth to an absolutely captivating product.

The music of the film remains upbeat and beguiling accordingly befitting the theme along with narration at the backdrop which creates rushes and thrill throughout.

Social media score sheet

#FeelLoveUseHate not only produced a digital film, but also genuinely attempted to create engagement around the campaign with creativity clearly booming on their social media pages.

Adidas’s Facebook page was brightly glowing with innovative activities revolving around the campaign. The brand published animated posts mocking the India-Pakistan match amongst plenty and boasting the performance of their ambassador, thus staying within the aura of the cricket zeal.

Arch rivals clash today! Will it be 11-0 or 10-1? #FeelLoveUseHate

Posted by adidas Cricket on Saturday, March 19, 2016

Attempting to stay trendy and tailing the social media norms the campaign introduced the GIF game of click and pause which apparently is doing massive rounds of the social media town these days. Netizens were given an opportunity to pause hearts or canons to Kohli, aiming to build engagement.

Your hate means a lot to Virat Kohli – it helps him stay motivated. Show him your passion. Capture the ? cannon where it…

Posted by adidas Cricket on Friday, March 18, 2016

Virat Kohli is grateful for all the love you shower on him. To show him some more love take a snapshot of him by…

Posted by adidas Cricket on Saturday, March 19, 2016

The campaign further banked on emojis by asking users to express their reactions around the World Cup matches with emoticons.

When victory allures, passions galore! As the English take on the Proteas today, use emojis to tell us what you love and hate about the two countries. #FeelLoveUseHate

Posted by adidas Cricket on Friday, March 18, 2016

Hate or Love?

More or less with an abstract representation and a smooth, apt recitation this video somewhere managed to raise the bar for campaigns, at least in the sports section through their enticing film and imagination in the social media sphere.

This campaign does take hearts from us, but the concept of the film could have been modified.

To all those who have showered love on me over the years – thank you. To all those who have despised, thank you even…

Posted by Virat Kohli on Thursday, March 17, 2016

#FeelLoveUseHate if not twinning, was unarguably similar to the earlier ‘I target the moment’ which was beating around the same plot of rising beyond criticism and using it to benefit the game.

Though the dialogues changed, the story remained the same. Apart from that, campaign was delivered commendably, relishing some social media spotlight.


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