Instagram disables direct linking to Snapchat and Telegram

The photo-sharing application, Instagram has announced to shut down the ‘add me’ links to other social media platforms including Snapchat and Telegram on the profiles of the users.

With over 400 million global users Instagram has throughout been the most ideal application for self-promotion. Users leveraging on its linkable feature directly to other platforms will be disabled now within the application.

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has sheltered and encouraged aesthetic storytelling and pioneering advertisement. Instagram shared the decision of this disability was because this was not the way the platform was intended to work.

Though Instagram continue to allow users to share their blog links, websites, YouTube links to the app as of now, it will be disabled soon. While Facebok owned Instagram has abandoned the deep linking of their social media competitors Snapchat and Telegram, it still allows users to link their Facebook and Twitter account links to their bio.

This feature does not affect celebrities or bloggers who wish to link their main websites, but this update definitely is a loss for daily users to expand a larger social media presence.