Followed by a not so thrilling start to 2016, as LinkedIn’s shares fell by almost 30 per cent – the professional networking website announced updates in ad targeting features. The account targeting feature will enable businesses to run effective account-based marketing campaigns on the platform.

When combined with the network’s existing profile targeting feature, the new account targeting tool, Account Targeting allows clients to market products and generate opportunities to the right personas within the accounts that matter most to them.Account Targeting brands

To leverage Account Targeting brands have submit list (or lists) of accounts they’d like to engage on LinkedIn using one or more of our advertising products. LinkedIn then cross-references this list against more than 8 million Company Pages in the LinkedIn ecosystem and creates an account target segment based on this match.

To meet their specific marketing objectives, LinkedIn allows customers to further layer additional profile information such as, job function or seniority, to get their content in front of the most appropriate people in the organization.

Additionally, LinkedIn also announced the development of its audience matching capacity empowering brands to upload different kinds of information.

The Account Targeting option will be available with Sponsored Updates format pushes promoted status updates in LinkedIn user’s content feed and the Sponsored InMail that sends promoted inboxes. Account Targeting will be rolled out as a self service tool within sometime.


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